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  1. What sells you on the XLT compared to the Lariat

    Agree - was only $3500 more in 2019, but features have been added. I have Raptor on order so that really negates the decision for me, but otherwise features easily worth it IMO.
  2. Ranger Raptor 5-Star Tune(s)

    Interesting. I reached out to a supvs in Ford Performance that I worked with when waiting for the initial release of Ford's tune for info on potential Ford tune and got a "no comment". 500 HP would be sweet.
  3. Will the Ranger Raptor fit on one side of a standard 2 car garage?

    Good, my 5G fits, probably without folding my mirrors (another reason I got a Lariat), but since its just a button away I always fold. Today I got in, not a straight shot, without triggering sensors, has happened about 10 times in 4 years. :) Not worried about length.
  4. 2024 Ranger Raptor ADM Market Adjustment Price = CRAZY

    Well, I am in a small town of about 6500, I have driven auction pickups and dealer trades for my dealer for 6 years and I hope that helps a little. When it was time to order I talked to the SM and he told me of the three of us that had expressed interest one was offering $5K over MSRP and I...
  5. You will receive an update on your order within 45 days?

    I got that yesterday too. But since my dealer put in my retail order and a stock order not sure what this refers to, probably retail as I don't think stock orders had a customer name associated with them?
  6. 2024 Ranger Raptor ADM Market Adjustment Price = CRAZY

    I guess my dealer is saving that bombshell....but so far no mention, we'll see
  7. My new Ranger Raptor build - from the beginning to upgrades: Darkening of front and rear lights whit installation of protective foil and frames.

    Very nice, ordered mine without decals though. Amazing disparity of availability in US vs rest of the world.....
  8. Will the Ranger Raptor fit on one side of a standard 2 car garage?

    got to get home from the tavern somehow
  9. Will the Ranger Raptor fit on one side of a standard 2 car garage?

    If I get one, and I am on track, I will change my garage if I have to.....while I fold the mirrors on my '19 it will fit without folding in the standard single garage door, but since 75% of my garage entering is post tavern.....
  10. Carbonized Gray Metallic Ranger Raptor (U.S.) Full Walkaround @ Carlisle Ford Nationals

    yup, I excluded the bead lock and standard bed side graphics too, glad one could specify that. Also same color as I ordered (see other threads for what exactly constitutes an order :) )
  11. Why are you upgrading your truck?

    Upgrading to Raptor from '19 Ranger for the motor, bigger screen and Sync 4 :)
  12. 2024 Ranger Production Scheduling Resumes July 20th

    Have not heard. Also started with retail order, email confirming then dealer changing to stock. Sent note to my dealer to see what they say. And you can't check status of an order without VIN which I don't remember when I retail ordered my 2019.
  13. Raptor exhaust from factory….

    yup early on featured on Ford Authority as standard on Raptor even some videos out there - not that loud on max :)
  14. Told by dealer six months to one year wait ALL Ranger models.

    So did I but looking at other posts in Raptor threads there essentially are/maybe no retail orders and dealers are re-doing the order as "to stack". The opinions seem to be that all Rangers initially will be stock only which is probably what is delaying retail orders. A Raptor order not...
  15. If you got a build email, what was your Priority Code

    Hope so, think so, and as posted here or elsewhere the stock order mirrors my retail order. Got a call yesterday and went in to see them expecting something had gone sideways but they just wanted me to drive a auction vehicle back from the big Manheim auction in Chicago - first time since early...
  16. What sells you on the XLT compared to the Lariat

    The 22019 brouchure made it easier to see what you got in Lariat over XLT and it was $3500 more. It was not a hard decision for me to go Lariat and at $5K more would do it again.
  17. What sells you on the XLT compared to the Lariat

    in 2019 it was the rear window option, the auto folding mirrors, LED head lights and tail lights, NAV...etc., etc. and then it was only $3500 more.
  18. If you got a build email, what was your Priority Code

    Well now that I look I was looking at the sheet they gave me when they did the retail order not knowing as they would later find out that they could only order to stock. My bad.
  19. If you got a build email, what was your Priority Code

    I got an email that did not have a code and was a retail order, a couple of days later they called and said they had to re-input my build as a stock order which has a code 10. We'll see what happens.
  20. Iconic Silver 2024 Ranger Raptor FIRST Look!

    On the one ordered for me to dealer stock, I picked Carbonized Gray (would have liked Magnetic like my '19) and decal free. The silver is nice but I think the darker grays show the dirt less and the paint looks deeper, not as deep as black but I had my only black vehicle a long while back.