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  1. Potential North America color option

    As reported by Ford Authority! U.S. Market 2024 Ford Ranger Raptor With Brown Paint: Photos (fordauthority.com) Not sure this will be my cup of Oolong - Thinking Blue or Eruption green. Pls give us Ford Performance Blue!
  2. Not looking good for the home team (U.S.)..... or anyone else.

    Ford Ranger Raptor, Wildtrak Customers Facing Year-Long Wait (fordauthority.com) Sit back and relax if you're waiting on one of these. Maybe this will inspire Ford in the America's to step on the gas given the demand. Each one of these has to be a profitable vehicle.
  3. Where are the consumer reviews? Deliveries? Aussies and EMEIA help us out

    Global people who are now receiving their Ranger Raptor's. What are you thoughts? Likes/Dislikes, Impressions of the product? Just waiting here patiently...... Just Like I did for my Shelby GT500. 4K miles on it!