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  1. When will 2.7 V6 be available on Ford.com Build & Price?

    Well October is right around the corner. My local dealer mentioned they still don’t see the 2.7 available to order in Webdo. Their guess is by November. With the UAW strike and other issues with Ford, seems like its going to be a long wait like my Bronco took. 😬 Hopefully it doesn’t take 2...
  2. They are finally ON - rock sliders

    Those ride pretty dang close to the body. I wouldn’t think they would support the whole weight of the vehicle without damaging the rockers. Not sure I would even use a Jack on those to lift up. Just my 2 cents.
  3. When will 2.7 V6 be available on Ford.com Build & Price?

    I’m waiting on the 2.7 too. I’m on the dealer list to call when it comes available. They check in with me every month saying nope not available to order, we will text you next month. I’m also hoping they add push button start. It’s 2024 soon come on now. I have the 2.7 in my 2 door Bronco...
  4. Ford website

    I still see 2023 showing up in lots. Who on earth would buy one when the 2024 refresh right around the corner. I got a call from Sales Person about a 23 Tremor that just arrived. Was tempted but passed.
  5. 2024 Ranger Order Banks Now Officially Open!!

    Still early, but my dealer mentioned the 2.7 is still not showing up in their order system. They talked to a rep and mentioned October/November before the 2.7 can be ordered. Maybe ford will add push button start option for XLT by then and other options like the tremor.
  6. Told by dealer six months to one year wait ALL Ranger models.

    Overall in my area the f150 and super duty’s dominates. You can get more payload, same features, and around the same price. The old rangers when I have seen them on lots sit there awhile and don’t see very many on the roads. I’m in Wyoming so that probably explains a few things for demand.
  7. Told by dealer six months to one year wait ALL Ranger models.

    I can’t imagine the demand is very high for the new Ranger except the Raptor. Take a good look at this forum, not a ton of active users unlike Bronco6g. I’m sure the wait won’t be all that long depending on what options are selected. I plan waiting for my order until the 2.7 pricing comes out...
  8. Chevy Colorado - Not what I thought

    Well they had a new 23 GMC Canyon there that was a lot more expensive and still had the problems with the front end clearance and the interior wasn’t much of an upgrade and still had the unfinished weld in the box. I also looked at a used 22 ZR2 but not worth the price for a 4 banger compared to...
  9. Chevy Colorado - Not what I thought

    Just saw the new redesigned Colorado at my local dealership. Was not what I was expecting. It was a trail boss. No cruise control, interior seemed cheap, and the front ground clearance was extremely low (zoom in on photo). My Subaru has more clearance than this so called trail machine. I also...
  10. Delivery time "24 Ranger Lariat

    For your Lariat. Just a guess Maybe by Spring 24. Raptors -2025/2026 😂
  11. What Engine Are You Ordering? Poll

    Looks like no push button start on the new Ranger price and build except the Lariat and where is remote start? Upgrading to the Lariat to get push button and remote start doesn’t make much sense to me. I guess I will wait until Ford announces more news.
  12. What Engine Are You Ordering? Poll

    Not sure how you are getting 20-21 mpg. Do you not have Sasquatch and the 4.7 gears? Mine only gets 17-18. But I’m rolling on Sasquatch.
  13. What Engine Are You Ordering? Poll

    Yeah I hear you. I’m waiting on the numbers to come out and the price and build. Depending on what happens might make more sense to get a f150
  14. 2024 Ford Ranger Elephant In The Room

    Question. Is the tremor package worth the cost over the fx4 since you owned both? It seems the fx4 is the way to go. For instance how is the ride compared off-road vs onroad for the series?
  15. 2024 Ranger online configurator when?

    Raptor Line Ranger Line
  16. What Engine Are You Ordering? Poll

    Just an fyi, my Sasquatch 2 door Bronco which weighs almost 6k pounds gets around 18mpg average. Not great butnot terrible. I’d imagine the new Ranger is around that for 2.7. Maybe 19 max since it has smaller tires.
  17. What Engine Are You Ordering? Poll

    Just seeing what engine choice US customers are gonna order for the new Ranger. I’m on the fence now, 2.3 or 2.7. My Bronco has the 2.7 and it’s a great engine. Never driven the 2.3.
  18. Ranger Raptor - 35’s

    I’m surprised with no sway bar disconnect in Raptor. 35s I bet they have an add on package for that to the Raptor.