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  1. I bailed

    Absolutely they are. They couldn’t care less about the Ranger in North America. F-150 is where they focus.
  2. UAW and Ford Reach Tentative Agreement

    How do these workers make more than a journeyman electrician or any other skilled trade? Seems ridiculous tbh.
  3. Tired of waiting.

    Isn’t the Chevy plant that makes Colorados on strike too?
  4. Bailed!

    Hopefully yours doesn’t get any of the problems a lot of people are reporting. I really like the canyon but am nervous to pull the trigger.
  5. 2025 Ranger PHEV Hybrid Revealed w/ Pro Power Onboard, 28 Miles Range, Arriving Early 2025 (Europe/AUS)

    Anybody have a guess whether we will see this in North America? I give it a 10% chance that we will, although I would buy one in a heartbeat.
  6. post deleted by author

    I still can’t believe Ford didn’t put 4A on the US model. Such a massively underrated feature and one I’m sure they decided to omit to push people into the F150. If anyone from Ford is reading this, please fix your mistake. 👍🏻 Oh and keyed ignition on XL and XLT in 2023, seriously?
  7. North America and Diesel Engines

    Out of all the videos I’ve watched on the new gen Ranger none of them have had DEF fill up tank next to the diesel fill.
  8. North America and Diesel Engines

    Why doesn’t North America use more diesel engines? (I’ve never been to Mexico, so I’m not sure if they do. I’m mainly speaking about US and Canada). The global platform Ranger exclusively uses diesel motors in Australia, UK, Thailand, The Philippines, etc. I could be wrong and maybe I am but...
  9. Spotted 2024 Ranger (Mexican Wildtrak) in the U.S.

    Wouldn’t it be easier if we just built the same truck as the rest of the world? Obviously the truck would need the federal requirements we must have. But it seems like it would be easier to just use the same trim levels as the global platform.
  10. 2.3L and 2.7L Engines

    Is there any reason to believe that 4 auto could be offered with the 2.7?
  11. 2024 Ranger Order Banks Now Officially Open!!

    That’s disappointing. Especially since every trim level of the Colorado has a brake controller, as well as the new Tacoma.
  12. 2024 Ranger Order Banks Now Officially Open!!

    Does anybody know if the oem trailer brake controller will be able to be installed on the XL trim? Would the wiring already be inside the dash?
  13. Build & Price up now on Ford.ca

    It’s likely the same, I’m sure. So the mirrors are just black regardless. I appreciate it.
  14. Sedona orange vs hot pepper red

    Ok thanks for that.
  15. Build & Price up now on Ford.ca

    Does our xlt with the high package get grey coloured mirrors to match the bumper trim? Or are the xlt mirrors moulded in black colour regardless of the high package or not?
  16. Sedona orange vs hot pepper red

    Sedona orange is a colour on the overseas ranger. It looks similar to hot pepper red, does anybody know if it is the same colour?
  17. Build & Price up now on Ford.ca

    Does anybody know if the XL has rear privacy glass? On the builder it looks like it does but there is no compare trims or full specs of each trim level available.
  18. When is Canadian order bank opening up.

    I had my local dealer tell me they can order a 2024. Then I talked to my good buddy who works with a dealership 30 minutes away and they said they can’t order a 2024 yet and that all dealers use the same system. My local dealer provided me with a build sheet and pricing on the 2024 too...
  19. 2024 Ranger / Ranger Raptor Order Guide

    Is this guide the same for Canada?
  20. 2024 Ranger Order Banks Now Officially Open!!

    Hopefully. That would be awesome.