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  1. North America and Diesel Engines

    Why doesn’t North America use more diesel engines? (I’ve never been to Mexico, so I’m not sure if they do. I’m mainly speaking about US and Canada). The global platform Ranger exclusively uses diesel motors in Australia, UK, Thailand, The Philippines, etc. I could be wrong and maybe I am but...
  2. Sedona orange vs hot pepper red

    Sedona orange is a colour on the overseas ranger. It looks similar to hot pepper red, does anybody know if it is the same colour?
  3. Question for those with a 6 gen already.

    Is the 6th gen driver seating position similar to the 5th gen model? I’m in Canada and we don’t have the 6th gen released yet but I’m very interested in it. So if I can test drive a 5th gen and get a good idea of the seating position, dynamics, etc it’ll give me a good idea of what to expect for...