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  1. New Ranger Raptor goes off-road in the Land of Wine, Cheese and Olive oil > Italy - Verona area

    100% agree! The long wheelbase makes things look easy! I see the trails in Italy aren't any wider than the rest of Europe 🤣
  2. Dear Aussies, does the Ranger Raptor feel large to drive?

    I had the previous gen Ranger (2017 model year), then the first gen Ranger Raptor, and now the second Gen Ranger Raptor. For German standards it is pretty wide and one definitely notices when parking. Most spots are just a little wider than the tires, so parking can be a bit interesting. Driving...
  3. Quick Raptor Video on the autobahn

    Having one myself, it does es get a bit sluggish towards the higher speeds. The Euro model would benefit from the same power rating as the rest of the world models!
  4. MPG numbers yet?

    When cruising on the back roads at around 80-100 km/h, I do see the numbers get nearer 10 L/ 100km, it seems starting at about 100km/h the s when the consumption starts going up. I ran 35s (315/70R17 - same General Grabber AT3 I have in the stock size) for about 1,000 km and surprisingly it...
  5. MPG numbers yet?

    FWIW, I am averaging 18 mpg over the last 7,500 miles with my Euro Spec Ranger Raptor with the 3 Liter Ecoboost. Considering I cruise a bit faster on the Autobahn than in the US. I expect I would have slightly better mileage in the US.
  6. Ranger Raptor - 35’s

    I wanted to chime in with my 35" experience. After having both 315/70R17 (General Grabber AT3) and 35x12.5R17 (General Grabber X3) on the 1st Gen Ranger Raptor I swapped them over to the new one. Surprisingly the front wheel well appears to have less space for this than the previous truck, or...