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  1. SuperCab 2024 Ranger Confirmed in Owner's Manual

    In my vw’s I was always afraid that a window going down would be a 1-way trip :)
  2. Wanted the 2.7 but Ordered a Raptor

    I’m not convinced that the first 2.7l rangers won’t be a 2025 model. Maybe if the date doesn’t get pushed back anymore, and “available” means available for delivery rather than available to order then maybe they’ll make a few 2024 rangers with the 2.7. But the way it looks now they’re already...
  3. Wanted the 2.7 but Ordered a Raptor

    I saw a week or two (after the strike was tentatively settled) that anticipated availability was moved to spring of 2024. I just went to look for the link to share and it’s now saying summer of 2024
  4. What oil will you be running after your 1st oil change?

    I respectfully disagree that it’s a double edged sword. I do think, though, that if you don’t get the TBN (total base number) with your test then you’re missing a critical point of the test. The tbn will show how the oil is holding up (how much of the additive package is left?), which goes a...
  5. What oil will you be running after your 1st oil change?

    Thank you for saying this! I was wondering how many posts I’d have to read before finding this wisdom. Seriously, testing your drain oil is the ONLY way to tell how your oil of choice is holding up in YOUR engine, under YOUR driving conditions. And getting an idea of how your oil of choice...