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  1. In Case anyone was wondering how many have been produced so far

    The answer is 271 of (presumably) the 2024 ranger. The good news is they are able to product 5700 in a months time, so its feasible they could get through orders relatively quickly when they actually get around to them...
  2. Ranger raptor used to break side wheelie world record

  3. Ford cancelling lease deals for 2024 Ranger

  4. Hybrid / Electric Ranger Teased by Ford - Sept 19 Reveal!

    Personally I dislike it when hybrids are talked about as if they are electric (even though they technically sort of are), but it looks like they will be doing a reveal of the hybrid on the 19th? Tweeted by Ford Australia, UK and Ireland, suggesting it will be RHD-market first.
  5. What’s up with the heated steering wheel?

    Looks like I’m not the only one confused about its absence on the build and price tool. Seems like you do get it but you need to go lariat?
  6. Ranger Raptor Review (False alarm its not NA)

    This came up on my feed. Looks like its 11 days old but this is the first Ranger Raptor review video I have seen since the reveal
  7. What features are on the world model but missing from the US model?

    Right off the bat I can think of a couple of things, rear console vents, apparently heated steering wheel, auto start stop. Am I missing anything? I ask because I keep looking at features on my order page (because im a masochist) and noticed it change recently. The auto start stop removal is no...
  8. Spotted 2024 Ranger (Mexican Wildtrak) in the U.S.

    Went to Walmart and had to do a double take when I saw this. I am in the US and this one is from Mexico. It’s the wildtrack package. It’s a bit bigger than I expected. Looks amazing though!
  9. Do we have pricing on trims other than Base and Raptor yet?

    I’ve watched plenty of videos but am only seeing prices on the base model and the raptor at this point
  10. Another Raptor spotted.

  11. Another 2024 XLT Ranger Spotted, with bash plate

    Definitely looks better with the bash plate on https://fordauthority.com/2023/03/2024-ford-ranger-xlt-spotted-with-chrome-rear-bumper-steps/

    https://fordauthority.com/2023/02/u-s-market-2024-ford-ranger-raptor-in-white-photos/ I didn’t like the photos of the white lariat and I don’t think white is flattering on the raptor either