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  1. Ford Accessories List & Installation Instructions for 6th Gen 2024+ Rangers

    Great share and the accessory ideas are making me excited for my truck! Pivot toolbox for 1, Lettering for 2, and the roof "spoiler" are all items for me to consider.
  2. Ford's Mike Levine has posted his Ranger Raptor FordPass Connect screen!

    it'll be about "Smiles per mile" with the Raptor. This will seem thrifty to my GT500 which avgs. 12MPG. with a 12 gal tank...
  3. Ford's Mike Levine has posted his Ranger Raptor FordPass Connect screen!

    My son now has the Maverick - a fun and practical vehicle. His Ridgeline Gen 1 had 248K on it and it was time to part ways. So he got a "dad deal and financing". I'm going to see how I like the Raptor (high expectations) and if the Maverick ST ever comes out may give that a look. If you...
  4. Ford's Mike Levine has posted his Ranger Raptor FordPass Connect screen!

    Mike Levine is the PR lead for Ford. His instagram shows that he has his Raptor! Bodes well! Hey Mike can i give you my retail order number?
  5. Udpated UAW Strike Information?

    The latest demand from the UAW was a 25% increase in pay across the board. You can always ask....... In the end the company needs to stay profitable, the investment capital needs to be there and you need workers (albeit declining due to Tech advancement). Hard to determine "FAIR", - in...
  6. Enthusiasm waning.......

    Oh, I'm keeping my order and will own one. My dilemma is we ordered two Maverick's for a reason (Long story). We took the first one (My son ended up buying it from me) and the second one is coming up for production. Do I take it (Betting Jan delivery) and wait for the RR whenever it shows or...
  7. Enthusiasm waning.......

    No offense taken. By no means a Rockefeller or a Bezos' but I want a truck and did my research to land on this vehicle. My goal is to pay for it upon delivery. More deep breathing and Pickleball to deal with my aggression may be what is needed.
  8. Enthusiasm waning.......

    Ordered the RR the day the order banks opened. Super excited then and still believe it will be a great vehicle. Engine woes (valves), unknown timing (UAW/Supply chain) are taking the air out of the room. I waited 15 months for my Shelby in 20 and understand what Covid did to the process...
  9. Has production started on any 2024 Rangers?

    FIFTEEN! at this rate my 24 will be a 28.
  10. Has production started on any 2024 Rangers?

    Ford made their 7th offer, the most rich so far. Also see this on FA.... 2024 Ford Ranger Production Down Sharply In September 2023 (fordauthority.com)
  11. Ranger Raptor - Exterior Colors combined with Interior Accents & My OCD

    Went with Iconic Silver for the reason of interior and exterior contrast. Would love Rapid Red if they made it but the clash with the orange would bug me. The blue with the orange had me thinking Denver Bronco's.... So Iconic Silver it is. Also couldn't do white do to the work truck look.
  12. Borfoo3's Ranger Raptor Delivered

    for an example of iconic silver vs black accents here is our Maverick after Ceramic coating.
  13. Borfoo3's Ranger Raptor Delivered

    More pics pls! Ordered Iconic Silver, no beadlock and no graphics. Like seeing yours !
  14. Borfoo3's Ranger Raptor Delivered

    you were 1 for 2 in that parking job. Love the truck.
  15. Raptor Assault driving school?

    For the GT500 they have a free day at Charlotte motor speedway. 1/2 day at the strip, 1/2 day on the ROVAL. Super fun and free to new purchasers.
  16. Who will order without seeing in person and test driving first?

    Ordered a Shelby GT500, Maverick XLT FX4 Ecoboost and now a Ranger Raptor; all before even sitting in one. First two have been great and expect the Ranger Raptor to be my next daily driver.
  17. Iconic Silver 2024 Ranger Raptor FIRST Look!

    Can't wait to get my hands on mine. I wonder how good the exhaust pipes are and could you polish then to a high gloss? Then Ceramic coat them and enjoy the look. JP
  18. Shelter Green Metallic opinions?

    Agree with your assessment above! Had the exact same thoughts - orange accents vs. exterior color etc. I'll most likely keep it clean and won't mod the exterior except for lighting. Here is the Shelby.
  19. Shelter Green Metallic opinions?

    but Ruby Red is awesome in all lights. Just ask an owner of a Rapid Red GT500 and an 03 Redfire Cobra..... Red rocks. Can't do HPR - too Orange for this guy.
  20. Shelter Green Metallic opinions?

    Went with Iconic Silver due to the contrast and the code orange interior highlights. To me -and i haven't seen this in person - reminds me of baby sh*% brown.... Root beer is a good descriptor