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  1. Jalopnik reporting no PHEV for US

    I just post it in hopes someone at ford sees it when they are doing research
  2. Jalopnik reporting no PHEV for US

    Welp, that does it. I'm done with ford for any new vehicle. I've had 3 different fords in the past 12 years, always looked at ford first when considering a new car and was really looking at a ranger for the past 2 years but wanted to wait for a hybrid/phev. ford has shown time and time again...
  3. UAW kicks off talks with 'Detroit Three'

    While you are likely right, I can hope. In my mind, it would all be based on scanned part code and different instructions would be run based on that. Good engineers could make it happen and account for error conditions. It just depends on the cost aspect for whatever manufacturer. I hope they...
  4. UAW kicks off talks with 'Detroit Three'

    Automation will be the future of vehicle production. Hopefully that could mean a greater level of customization possible from the factory since it is not relying on unskilled labor. edit: background, I've been rabidly anti-union since I was threatened by some representative of one shortly after...
  5. UAW kicks off talks with 'Detroit Three'

    This is funny, because thats $5500 per. How long will that sustain the people they are extorting and claiming to represent? A month? Two?
  6. North America and Diesel Engines

    ROW ranger diesel 2.0TT 246/369 US ranger 2.3T 270/310 Which one would be better at towing? Maybe the added price of their diesel option was too great, plus the extra cost of fuel and maintenance. Manufacturers build what sells, and start cutting out things that don't sell well.
  7. North America and Diesel Engines

    They didn't fudge the numbers. The emissions numbers were reported as what they were during the test, the same as every other vehicle. There isn't a way to cheat the test. The car doesn't affect the sensors the test uses. Do vehicles run the exact same fuel/spark/timing tables in ALL...
  8. North America and Diesel Engines

    "When the cars were operating under controlled laboratory conditions - which typically involve putting them on a stationary test rig - the device appears to have put the vehicle into a sort of safety mode in which the engine ran below normal power and performance. Once on the road, the engines...
  9. North America and Diesel Engines

    Never had to use gloves nor needed them. Diesels existed before def and were better then. Once deleted many vehicles see more power and better gas (diesel? lets just say fuel) mileage. They've never fudged emissions or mpg numbers, they met the testing criteria same as every other vehicle that...
  10. UAW kicks off talks with 'Detroit Three'

    Sounds like I'll go with toyota then. The Uninvolved in Auto Work group will kill the big 3 if the big 3 doesn't kill them first. "The union will push to restore pay improvements tied to the cost of living and retiree benefits cut during the 2008-2009 economic crisis." Pensions should be done...
  11. What mods do you have planned for your Ranger Raptor?

    edit: not interested in a raptor, didn't read the title close enough
  12. 2.3L and 2.7L Engines

    but may not solve it entirely stuff gets by catch cans and unless it drains back into the crankcase, you have to empty it
  13. 2.3L and 2.7L Engines

    adding a throttle body port injection system would solve the issues on a 2.3 for not much money many companies create aux fuel systems that accomplish that for the 2.3 platform
  14. What sells you on the XLT compared to the Lariat

    only if they get the chrome package
  15. What sells you on the XLT compared to the Lariat

    XLT will save me 5-6k and still give me adaptive cruise and integrated trailer brake controller. It's not like lariat has rear ac or AC seats. So fuck it. I don't care about zone lighting, push button start, turn signal indicators in body color mirrors, Ford nav, and the audio isn't worth that...
  16. 2.3L and 2.7L Engines

    If I go with a ranger, a tune is definitely on the table. As well as other power/reliability related mods
  17. 2.3L and 2.7L Engines

    less moving parts in a 4 cylinder less possibility of transmission issues with the 10r60 (the 2.7 is nearing the torque limit of the 10r60 iirc) known configuration that has been proven possibility of better gas mileage but unknown I'd rather go with the 2.7 but those are some positives I can...
  18. MSRP is a pipe dream…

    I dont need it, thats the thing. So I can wait or look elsewhere if Ford wants to play games or tacoma is a better truck for my needs. I get by on my current vehicles fine. In too many experiences, dealerships are shady and a bunch of liars.
  19. MSRP is a pipe dream…

    I won't compromise on my principles in this matter. any ADM and I walk,
  20. MSRP is a pipe dream…

    morons need to stop paying over msrp and the dealer markups will stop but until then, the rest of us with a head on our shoulders just have to wait