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  1. Tech Package now changes the appearance?

    Playing around on the Build & Price tool on Ford's website and I noticed a strange change that's never shown up before. In the XLT model, if you check the circle for Technology package all of the sudden the appearance of the Ranger changes. To be specific, it removes the dark gunmetal grey front...
  2. Chevy Colorado

    Saw two Chevy Colorados on the road the past two days—grey one and black one, didn’t catch the model. I really like their exterior styling. However, I can’t get over the horrible interior in my opinion.
  3. Flexible Seating (lay flat seats) option

    I perused the Ford Australia site to try to see what happens with the 4wd dial spot if you buy a 2wd (apparently just a hole), and stumbled on “flexible seating”. I hadn’t seen any other mention of the fully reclining front seats, so I figured I’d post it here for others.
  4. Price of the 2.7 Engine

    Anyone have any knowledge and/or guesses how much more it will be to upgrade to the 2.7 engine vs the 2.3?
  5. Crew Cab Long Bed option?

    Has anyone heard any information confirming or denying if they will have a crew cab 6' bed option on the next gen Ranger? All of the spy shots I've seen so far seem to be the same length (supercab 6' bed, super crew 5' bed, and whatever long bed with the regular cab) which concerns me that they...