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  1. Build & Price up now on Ford.ca

    I saw you are in Alberta, the only province with no provincial tax and only the federal tax. That explains why you ''only'' have 4k in taxes lol. Change your postal code to other provinces and you will see how bad we get it.
  2. Build & Price up now on Ford.ca

    I have 2000$ of options and fees. The taxes are mandatory up here and the amount depends on the province or territory you buy the truck in. It doesn't matter that the msrp is 78000 since you will need to pay at least 10 grand in taxes no matter where you buy it in Canada.
  3. Build & Price up now on Ford.ca

    According to the website, it's only the wiring and the receiver. Honestly, in my experience, it's worth it to order it from the factory and not do it later. That way you get all of the extra wiring and fuses under the hood from the start and where I am, it's less expensive than doing it at a...
  4. Build & Price up now on Ford.ca

    And people complain that the raptor is 58K in the U.S ....
  5. Official HOT PEPPER RED Ranger Raptor thread

    Looking real nice. Man I hope they change the location of the trailer connections.
  6. Ford Motor Company Here

    Yes it came up at the same time as the US webpage, but we still don't have a BP.
  7. 2024 Ranger Body Builders Layout Guide – Confirms Tremor and 2.7L Engine

    What a letdown, the bed was already small enough as is.
  8. Bed covers

    Are you referring to this document: https://media.ford.com/content/dam/fordmedia/North%20America/US/product/2024/ranger/All-New%202024%20Ford%20Ranger%20Raptor%20Technical%20Specifications.pdf What's weird is that they are listing the fuel tank as being 20 gallons instead of 18 gallons.
  9. Anyone get build confirmation email yet?

    If it's any consolation, I never received the email for my 5th gen. My dealer was receiving them, but not me.
  10. 405hp Ranger Raptor is here [All Terrain Nation Review]

    Weird placement for the towing 7pin and 4pin connector, love the rest of it! Great work Dave
  11. 2023 New York Auto Show Reveal for 2024 Ranger?

    Hi, fan of the channel! Did you get info from ford on the reveal?
  12. 2024 Tacoma first teaser dropped by Toyota

    April 3rd for either another picture or the reveal? They did the same thing with the tundra, it lasted a couple of weeks before they finally revealed it.
  13. Spotted: 2024 Ford Ranger Crew Cab Long Bed!

    Story over at TFL. Hopefully it comes to market!! https://tfltruck.com/2023/03/spied-2024-ford-ranger-crew-cab-long-bed-should-they-build-it-or-not/
  14. 6th Gen 2024 Ranger Raptor rolling down MAP production line 📸

    No rear bumper steps :( Glad to see them starting to come down the line!
  15. 🕘 Insider: North American 2024 Ranger (P703N) Job 1 Production Start & OKTB in July 2023

    The reveal has to be at the New York auto show. It runs from April 7 to April 16.
  16. Picked up interest in 2024 Ranger. Any pointers?

    Seems like you did your research, and you probably know as much as we do lol. ;) Welcome to the forum!
  17. New 6G Ranger competition - New Colorado

    Same, I wanted a GMC Canyon AT4 with the 6 foot bed. The comfort, the ground clearance and skid plates made me stick with the Ranger and I am very happy with my choice. Hopefully the rumor's of the crew cab ranger with the 6 foot bed are true! I will definitely be checking all of the new mid...