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  1. Slipping production date

    Two weeks ago I received my VIN and my Raptor production was for scheduled the week of Feb 12, 2024. Now it's showing the week of Feb 26. Seems like it got pushed back either yesterday or today. Anyone know else getting pushed back?
  2. Paint Protective Film

    I see PPF is an option for the lower trims but I can't find anything that says Raptor has it? Does anyone know if that is standard on Raptor?
  3. 2024 Ranger MPG (EPA) Fuel Economy Numbers Released!

    Check off one more item on the list for getting the 2024 Ranger to market, The EPA has released the fuel economy numbers. At least something was getting done during the strike! 2.3L 2WD - 21 city / 25 hwy /22 combined 2.3L 4WD - 20 city / 24 hwy / 22 combined 3.0L Raptor - 16 city / 18 hwy / 17...