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  1. 2024 Ranger Workshop Manual

    Inspired by the earlier thread of almost the same name... Does anyone have any leads as to where I can get detailed workshop information on the Ranger? What I'm really keen on (right now) is a detailed wiring diagram and diagram of cable runs throughout the car. And no! I don't mean the "body...
  2. Maintain the enthusiasm... delivered Ranger Raptor content for motivation

    Not wanting to trigger those of you who are patiently waiting for your Rangers (extra sympathy to our NA friends) but I thought I'd just post up a quick pic of my Raptor which was delivered yesterday (27 April) and quickly run over my purchasing experience. I ordered back on 17 June 2022 and...
  3. Icon Rebound Pro with Interlock Technology

    As I have got older and (hopefully) wiser, I have become more and more suspect when it comes to aftermarket wheels. The reality is that the car companies do a huge amount of engineering to ensure that the wheels they supply on a car are as good as they can be for the price. This shows when you...
  4. Bed covers

    In Australia, the first batch of Ranger Raptors are not available with a factory option for a bed cover (they can be optioned on 2023.5 models but not for anything before then). So the given the need (desire) for a bed cover, what are peoples preferred options? If we could get them in Aus then...
  5. V6 (Diesel and Petrol) 4wd system

    Doing some research into how the 4wd system works in the next-gen Rangers with the permanent all wheel drive transmission I came across this article on Blue Oval Trucks that does a good job of explaining things. So looks like the answer is that the transmission uses a centre clutch which is...
  6. Ranger Raptor Anti-lag System

    Ford anti-lag patent For the mechanical engineers amongst the group, I think you'll be interested in a Ford patent describing a turbo anti-lag method. My suspicion is that this is how the RR anti-lag operates. Lot's of detailed descriptions here so admittedly not to everyone's taste.
  7. Ranger vs Ranger Raptor

    Thought I'd kick things off here with a link to Paul Marin's "Dragparison" between the three Ranger engine variants. No prizes for guessing which one wins but there is some great information for everyone in this article and the accompanying YouTube vid. CarExpert Dragparison