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  1. Front License Plate Mounts -- any aftermarket fix?

    Yes and there are companies that will color-match plugs to Ford's color options. I think this was the one I used years ago https://bumperplugs.com/bumperplugs-for-ford
  2. Report: 2024 Ranger First Driving Reviews Coming in March - Ford Sponsored Event

    It doesn't need to be. You can track your car by VIN on the carriers website. You said specifically that it's being transported by convoy ("on the back of a semi"). If that's true, you can track it just like every other Ford convoy delivery.
  3. Report: 2024 Ranger First Driving Reviews Coming in March - Ford Sponsored Event

    yep either we come back in 5 days and he's right (very unlikely) or we come back in 5 days and laugh at him for being wrong (almost guaranteed)
  4. Report: 2024 Ranger First Driving Reviews Coming in March - Ford Sponsored Event

    So then you can easily use the instructions I linked in my last message to log into the Convoy shipper website and show us the truck's shipping details that your vehicle is on.
  5. Report: 2024 Ranger First Driving Reviews Coming in March - Ford Sponsored Event

    Like mentioned, having a tear-tag doesn't mean anything other than your truck is built. Many of us have had that since mid-january. If your tracker isn't showing "shipped", your truck isn't moving. If it really was shipped, you could log into the shipper's (rail or convoy) website and show the...
  6. Formal case filed with Ford about ordering process

    A few people have taken delivery of the new tacoma over the last few weeks. Still gonna be a while before they are easily available, though.
  7. Is there an easy way to check if there is a Ranger in stock at local dealerships

    Ford hasn't given "okay to buy" status for Rangers, meaning there won't be any of them in stock anywhere. It will probably be April-May before we start seeing dealerships have these on the lot.
  8. Delivery Date scheduled

    I got emails when my truck order was confirmed, when my build date got confirmed and when my truck went into production, so I don't really see why I wouldn't get one when it gets shipped. My dealer confirmed this will happen and you can see people talking about it on the bronco forums. The...
  9. I bailed

    no one is even close to waiting a year for a 2024. the truck's initial release date was fall 2023. if you originally had an october 2023 build date and you're still waiting 7 months from now, then you can claim you've waited a year.
  10. Delivery Date scheduled

    at this point the ford tracker is batting 1000 compared to both information from dealers and information from ford chat. every person on here that was told "your vehicle is scheduled to be delivered at the end of january/early-mid feb" (including myself and many others) has seen that to be...
  11. For Those Considering the Toyota Tacoma

    The Frontier pro-4x seems like a really good choice. If I wasn't set on a fully loaded lariat (and the tech it brings), I would probably go that route. The GM twins are a non-choice at this point, and the tacoma is cool in a lot of ways but also very pricey.
  12. 2024 Ranger Total Retail Unscheduled Orders (2/19/24)

    Car manufacturers wasted no time complaining about chip shortages from 2020-2023. If it was still an issue, they'd still be shouting it from the rooftops as the excuse to their shareholders. We wouldn't need a use a year-old article to speculate. If neither Ford nor any other manufacturer are...
  13. Colorado-Canyon Stop Sale

    Yeah..saw this coming after months of constant issues being posted on the forums over there. So many people saying "this is just typical first model year issues it's to be expected" until the issues kept piling up for months and months. If OTA updates are bricking the truck and people driving...
  14. Build Date Just Got Bumped

    As we still see no movement and until March comes & goes, the most likely culprit seems to be the media event hold that All Terrain Nation has mentioned multiple times. I know most of us were skeptical and didn't want to believe that would be the reason, but everyday we get closer to March with...
  15. Spied: Lot Full of 2024 Ranger Trucks Awaiting Shipment

    Pretty sure the cactus grey in pic 2 has "Sport" decal
  16. Dealer Listing Raptor In Transit?

    If you're going to be wrong about how something works, don't be surprised if someone who actually knows corrects you.
  17. Dealer Listing Raptor In Transit?

    Ford has manufacturing APIs that the dealership's systems can interface with and automatically share information quickly. Ford's manufacturing line auto reports the car status from scheduled to finished. Each car is spoken for so ford knows who to send the specific info to. Source: I am a...
  18. 2.7L availability

    The raptor has different dimensions which could explain that. Probably a few extra inches in the engine bay.
  19. 17" Beadlock Capable Wheels Worth The Cost??

    They look really nice but if you aren't going to be airing down often and you aren't rich it doesn't seem worth it.