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  1. $1,000 Factory Rebate for Pre-Order Customers (Experiences Upon Delivery)

    The sales manager at my dealer was very sketpical after I asked about the rebate but he looked it up and found it - then subtracted it from my balance, so I'm good to go.
  2. Final Preparation!

    Lets go
  3. Picked up Raptor Finally!!!! It's a Beast 💪

    Mine just skipped Shipped and went straight to Final Preparation so it looks like it!
  4. Order Tracker Status

    Soooooo.. this is a good thing for me???
  5. Picked up Raptor Finally!!!! It's a Beast 💪

    Happy for you RapVillin! I know you're one of the dudes who has been posting on here for some time just waiting for this moment. I hope mine comes soon. I like those sport wheels -they look good with those tires!!
  6. J Braces to be covered under warranty

    They should be free for everyone as our $60,000 trucks should be able to handle a topper or tonneau cover. Thats what trucks do.
  7. For Ford

    It Whining? I was talking about saying the OP's post was "pretty pathetic." We're all just wanting the trucks we ordered last year before the 2025s come out, so I get why he's kind of frustrated.
  8. For Ford

    It's not "pathetic," have some class. People are frustrated and just expressing it. Believe it or not, the manufacturers do read enthusiast forums. Making a post about it won't get anybodys truck to them any faster but nothing wrong with getting it off your chest
  9. Ordering Decals option on Raptor

    Seeing pictures of delivered RRs without the graphics, I think they look a lot more plain than I expected - glad I got the decals.
  10. For Ford

    You won't get much of a response from Ford on here btw. I am checking my ETA now.
  11. For Ford

    Now I have to worry because I have a trip planned to go pick up my truck, which is "built, awaiting shipment."
  12. Finally Built

    The official Ford account can't help with anything. It's just here for posts like that - thats it..... "Congrats on your new truck! Hope to see pictures." Could actually be a bot or AI making the posts.
  13. So the Ranger Raptor DOES have the irritating Auto Start Stop?

    Cool. Do you know if your window sticker thats available on your order page will change to the new one after shipping or if it's the same?
  14. Ranger Raptor thoughts after 3 days and 350 miles

    Could there be differences between yours and the 2024 US version?
  15. Any thoughts on the Diamondback Switchback tonneau?

    From what I read on the Switchback model it was easy to remove. Not nearly as heavy as the HD or SE.
  16. Any thoughts on the Diamondback Switchback tonneau?

    Anyone had one before? I like the look and security of Diamondback covers and this one would be an upgrade over my BakFlip M4 I had on my Tacoma. https://diamondbackcovers.com/products/diamondback-switchback?variant=40370909020259
  17. Ranger Raptor Assault School site & registration are live!

    So do you have to actually take delivery of your Ranger Raptor before registering for the class?
  18. Just got a text from Ford about shipping delays?

    Yes I got the same email but I also signed up for text notifications and thats what they texted at the same time I gor that email. Neither tell us much.
  19. Just got a text from Ford about shipping delays?

    Got a text this morning that said my truck had been built. This evening I get another that says: Ford Update: Due to shipping delays, the est. arrival of your new Ranger is now btwn . More: https://ford.to/3MouzeV The link just goes to the order tracking page which doesn't tell me anything...
  20. Convoy vs Rail

    When it tells you to try again after you've taken delivery of it. Immediately try again (quickly) and it should bring up a prompt on the vehicle the next time it's started so someone will either accept or deny the request.