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  1. Electric Side Step on Ranger Raptor Next Gen

    Ok guys, after some upgrades, I just finished the electric side step on my Ranger Raptor Next Gen. It was pretty straight forward, but I have encounterd a problem 😅 maybe someone has some experience with this and can help me out. Everything works fine, EXCEPT the back doors are reversed with...
  2. Rollbar / Sports Bar / Chase Rack installed on 2024 Ranger Raptor next gen

    Just installed the Option 4wd Rollbar on my Ranger Raptor today. Because I did the install on top of the roller lid, it was a bit more of a hassle than expected 😅 But in the end we've managed. The lights were the easy part, just wired it to the auxiliary 3 under the tail of the truck.
  3. 2024 Ranger Raptor - how to enable remote start

    For the ones with a Ranger Raptor Next Gen which came with the remote start factory-disabled. I've found a way to make it work. I don't have acces to Ford pass or connectivity in my region. But I managed to get a Keyfob (25usd) with the remote start button and the right frequency and enabled...
  4. Electronic roller shutter on Ranger Raptor Next Gen

    Hi, does anybody installed an aftermarket electric roller shutter on the Ranger Raptor Next Gen? I just need to know the exact wiring to be done for the shutter.
  5. Running lights wiring (behind grill) 3 piece F-150 style

    Hi Guys, Anyone know how to wire a 3 piece amber daytime running light on my Ranger Raptor Next Gen?
  6. First modification on my Ranger Raptor Next Gen -- underbody lights

    Hi guys, I just added an underglow and wheel lights on my Raptor.