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  1. Ford Vehicle Personalization Centers (VPCs) Outfitting Aussie-Bound Rangers in Thailand with OEM Factory Accessories

    I thought this was pretty interesting… basically a factory accessory program. https://www.carscoops.com/2024/01/ford-outfitting-aussie-rangers-with-accessories-at-new-thai-center/ I love that first truck in the line. Looks like a Wildtrak…. That or a Tremor would fill the huge hole in the NA...
  2. 6G Ranger Raptor with major Bronco mods

    Not something I would ever want to do to a perfectly good Ranger Raptor but some might find it interesting…. https://www.carscoops.com/2024/01/this-ford-ranger-raptor-in-thailand-desperately-wants-to-be-a-bronco/ This Ford Ranger Raptor In Thailand Desperately Wants To Be A Bronco A Thai tuner...
  3. Happy 2 year Anniversary!!!

    Today is two years since the 6G Ranger was unveiled to the world by Ford and still not available in the North American market!!! Even when they start shipping, one cab/bed configuration, one engine option, an only 4 trims available? I guess we’ll start seeing them right about the time a mid...
  4. Custom CRX T-Rex Ranger from Carlex Design

    Saw this on CarScoops and thought I’d share… https://www.carscoops.com/2023/07/carlex-turns-ford-ranger-raptor-into-orange-themed-110k-crx-t-rex/
  5. Ford Ranger Stormtrak Debuts In Thailand

    One more variation for other markets and more crickets for the NA market… https://www.carscoops.com/2023/04/ford-ranger-stormtrak-debuts-in-thailand-as-a-wiltrak-with-some-extra-glitter/ Ford Ranger Stormtrak Debuts In Thailand As A Wiltrak With Some Extra Glitter The new version of the pickup...
  6. New 6G Wildtrak X. Our next Tremor?

    Just saw this released and was thinking it might be the closest trim/package to the NA Tremor??? https://www.carscoops.com/2023/03/rugged-ford-ranger-wildtrak-x-debuts-in-australia-as-a-baby-raptor/
  7. More 2024 competition… Kia midsize truck???

    Just saw this on CarScoops… https://www.carscoops.com/2023/01/kia-pickup-spied-in-korea-wearing-mohave-bodywork/ Heavy camo but from what I see, the stance and proportions look pretty good.
  8. XXL 6G Ranger?

    Just found this Australian site with some interesting content… Maybe just click bait with misinformation, but the photo/rendering looks amazing nonetheless! Perfect midsize proportions to my eyes. And yes I’m one of those guys hopeful of a SuperCrew/longbed configuration for the next ‘24 6G...
  9. New 6G Ranger competition - New Colorado

    Hot off the press… https://fordauthority.com/2022/07/2023-chevy-colorado-debuts-as-redesigned-ford-ranger-rival/ https://www.carscoops.com/2022/07/2023-chevrolet-colorado-grows-up-techs-out-and-goes-turbo/
  10. New Ranger Competition from GMC

    Looks like the next gen Ranger will be doing battle with he next Gen Canyon and Colorado. Teased today…. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2022/04/2023-gmc-canyon-atx4-teased/amp/
  11. 6G Ranger has a revised sibling too (Everest)

    CarScoops and Ford Authority have interesting articles about the global Ranger’s sibling… the Everest. https://www.carscoops.com/2021/12/2023-ford-everest-teased-as-the-suv-sibling-of-the-ranger/...
  12. What colors would you like to see on the next Ranger?

    Rangers are definitely marketed to the outdoor crowd, and yet no shade of green in the current color pallet. I would love to see at least one shade of green as an exterior color. Personally, I still love the Highland Green on my ‘02 F-150 (same as the Bullitt Mustang). The Forged Green...
  13. Ford Officially Teases Next-Gen Ford Ranger Torture Testing in All Terrain [Video]

    Looks like Ford is getting close to revealing the next gen Ranger soon…. Ford just officially teased the next-gen Ford Ranger for the first time! The video teaser shows a 2023+ Ranger prototype being torture tested in all terrain conditions -- Mud, Grit (sand), Rock, Snow, Off-Road...
  14. First look of 6th Gen interior...

    Ford Authority has photos... https://fordauthority.com/2021/02/2023-ford-ranger-interior-spied-for-the-very-first-time/
  15. 6th gen Ranger’s competition?

    Nissan just unveiled their 3rd gen Frontier today. A respectable redesign with class leading 310HP. It will also be offered with two cab and two bed configurations. The one thing I hope Ford does with this next gen Ranger is offer multiple cab/bed configurations! While the 5th gen might be...