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  1. 2024 Ranger Lariat Delivered and Ownership Afterthoughts

    He got the Rear Locker which indicates some other than just street/highway driving. I'd change then out for Michelin Defender TX if this were my new 4x2. That's what i did on my2019 Ranger. Now waiting on the 2.7TT enbine availability before doing a Custom Order.

    Get a good quality cover and you won't have that problem. Truxedo lowPro is a good one!
  3. 2.7L EcoBoost V6 EPA MPG Gas Mileage Released for 2024 Ranger

    With interest rates what they are, Dealers are going to have a hard time to go above MSRP on the Ranger. Since I have a perfectly good 2019 Lariat Ranger, I’m not upgrading to a new Ranger until the 2.7 is available! Want to get an order in as soon as the books open up!
  4. 2.7L EcoBoost V6 EPA MPG Gas Mileage Released for 2024 Ranger

    Doesn't show up in the BUild Your Ranger configurator yet. Understand it's a Job 2 item. Maybe this summer. Hoping Order Books open for it soon. Know what i want and can't wait to throw my Money down!
  5. 2.7L EcoBoost V6 EPA MPG Gas Mileage Released for 2024 Ranger

    There'd be nearly constant wheel spin on sharp turns and rainy street with the 2.7 on a 4x2. Tough enough on my 2019 Ranger lariat 4x2 with the 2.3 4! Gonna want to be in 4 Auto all the time with that 2.7!
  6. 5G Ranger Tonneau Cover Fitment on 2024+ Ranger?

    I'm hoping to reuse my Roll-n-Lock metal roller Tonnequ cover from my 2015 Lariat 5ft1in bed on my 2024 Lariat oncd the 2.7cuin V6 TT are avialable.
  7. 2024 Ranger Scheduling This Week (3/21/24) for Production Weeks 4/29 - 5/27

    Dealers shouldn't be accepting orders if theydon't havean allocation in the first place.
  8. Why did you choose Midsize

    LOL, which doesn't answer the question on why.....
  9. Why did you choose Midsize

    Because Full sized was too big! Kinda obvious.
  10. 2024 Ranger Production Increased 558% in January 2024

    No, that's what preproduction and T&D is for long before production and Job 1 is begun.
  11. Better street type tires if hardly ever going off road?

    Michelin Defender LTX M/S. GREAT TIre for the Ranger Have them on my 2019 4x2 Ranger Lariat!
  12. Start Stop not Working on 2019 Ranger

    You need a NEW Battery! Just one of many funtions that stop working with a dying battery!
  13. Why Does This Thread Feel So Familiar?

    Thanks, it’s a beauty for sure!
  14. Why Does This Thread Feel So Familiar?

    Me too! Velocity Blue just isn’t quite close enough! I’m thinking of Azure Blue Metallic instead.
  15. Why Does This Thread Feel So Familiar?

    So in 2018 I was longing for the New Frod Rangers to begin production! The threads below are nearly identical to what I was reading in July of 2018 as the anticipation of production and ordering was at fever pitch! I didn't order one, but waited for a local dealership to get what I wanted in...
  16. I bailed

    LOL! When your Chevy craps out the RR will still be Legendary!
  17. I bailed

    What a compromise! Glad I'm not that simple!
  18. 2024 Ranger Raptor vs Lariat

    WAIT until later this year when the 2.7LTR Twin Turbo Ecoboost V6 is available in the Lariat! That's what I'm doing as my 2019 Lariat is in excellent condition and will suit me well until the new edition withthebigger engine is available!
  19. New Ranger

    You're not serious are you?
  20. When will 2.7 V6 be available on Ford.com Build & Price?

    I had Rangers in the past. When the older versions were discontinued I needed another midsize truck and the obvious and only real option was the Tacoma. It was a dog and I only had it for two years waiting on the return of the Ranger.