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  1. Subwoofer box

    Let me know how this works out for you, seems like a good option because I dont like the Sub that comes with the JL one from crtuchfield
  2. Turn-off Seatbelt Warning Sound

    this is the one things that bothers me about a truck I otherwise love
  3. Has anyone financed their new ranger with ford motor credit ?

    Yeah, so it sounds like you have the auto history to support a decent rate. Sounds like the dealership is just trying to make up for selling you the car at MSRP..
  4. Has anyone financed their new ranger with ford motor credit ?

    How much money are you looking to borrow? What’s the payment going to be? You could have a fine credit score but if you’ve never borrowed that amount of money on a car loan/had a comparable car payment that you’ve paid well previously that could impact your rate. People with one credit card with...
  5. Has anyone financed their new ranger with ford motor credit ?

    you either dont actually have the good credit that you think you do or dealership is extorting you. Most people would consider the rate I offer at work to be bad and it’s 8.29 for tier 1 credit, I just got 5.99 for my own Ranger purchase. I would try to secure your own financing asap.
  6. Is anyone not going to use their front license plate bracket?

    Plate bracket def an option you have to order from factory which I found interesting since at work every Mercedes comes in with a bracket. Despite being required in nj no way am I putting that shit on my truck would rather pay tickets
  7. What did you do WITH your 6G Ranger today?

    Some big time hauling today. Full size truck owners hate to see this.
  8. Edmunds Picks Ranger over Colordado and Tacoma

    Glad to see continued good reception of the truck we have all chosen, and also glad to see that the Tacoma doesn't continue to get a a free pass based on its past success. Love my new truck and glad to see it being well received by the press as well.
  9. Black Ranger Lariat available in nashville

    Are people paying Msrp for non raptors? Dealer I bought from advertising available stock vehicles with discount online and I got a substantial discount on my ordered lariat
  10. What did you DO TO your 6G Ranger today? 🧰 🛠️ ⚙️ 🧽

    Got full ceramic tint done, first time I’ve ever done windshield, really like the way it turned out, hoping I don’t have too many issues since I live in nj and doing this and not putting front plate on. Sport 4x4 stickers coming off tomorrow
  11. Cool features, Easter eggs, or tips you’ve found on your Ranger

    Unfortunately I think this only deactivates the chime for not wearing belt not dumb pop up up message.
  12. Cool features, Easter eggs, or tips you’ve found on your Ranger

    If anyone can tell me how to disable this seatbelt thing that pops up every time I turn the truck on and ruins my cool built ford tough animation and forces me to click ok on steering wheel I would be extremely grateful. Extremely annoying feature on a truck I am thoroughly enjoying otherwise
  13. Cool features, Easter eggs, or tips you’ve found on your Ranger

    Craneop is a regular poster with an order no need for him to go. Anyone who ordered one of these especially early is allowed to complain a little
  14. Poll: Has your Ranger / Ranger Raptor been delivered (or at other stage)??

    Thanks for sending, how easy is it to pop in and out when you dont want it in there?
  15. Confirmed 2024 Ranger Deliveries Thread - Add Yours! 🙋🏻‍♂️

    Hard to be overly excited on here because I feel for everyone waiting because I know it sucks but took delivery today. Truck looks even better than I thought it would and am very impressed with the ride quality and comfort of cabin. Instrument cluster display not my favorite but not a big deal...
  16. Major Ford Screw Up on Seats

    I think it’s just generic American quality, our Mercedes suvs which are built In alabama come in with mis matched wood trim or wrong color center console way more often then you would think should happen, and they aren’t unionized yet. I see way less issues from our models that are built I...
  17. Order Tracker Status

    picking up tomorrow at noon, will be drinking heavily after work in order to fall asleep early to expedite process. Feels like Christmas eve
  18. Has anyone financed their new ranger with ford motor credit ?

    Cant speak on the financing situation that's probably just a finance manager trying to maximize his profit but a trade value 3 weeks early is something most people would and should be hesitant to commit to especially given the current volatility (and rapidly dropping) used car market. You are...