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  1. Locking and unlocking with Fob in pocket

    Is anyone else having issues with locking their Ranger with the fob in pocket using just the sensor on the door handle? For some reason I can unlock the truck fine without using the fob; however, locking is a different story. It hardly ever works for me and have to end up using the fob. Am I...
  2. Raptor Center Counsel Rub

    I just picked up my ranger raptor and I noticed that my passenger seat is slightly closer to the center counsel then the driver seat. When I open the center counsel, the door rubs against the passenger seat bolstering. Anyone else having issue?
  3. Sync Screen Tempered Glass Protection

    Does anyone have experience, or recommendations for protecting the screen in the new Ranger? I’ve got kids and that built in doodle pad is going to be a home run, but want protect it. Tempered glass works great on my phone and would prefer that to some other options. Thank you in advance for...
  4. J Braces to be covered under warranty

    I just spoke with my dealer regarding the J Braces. He said that they are currently listed as an outstanding FSA( field service action) on my truck and that they will be covered under warranty if it arrives without them. He is going to order them in case. He also said “We should know for...
  5. Window Tinting -- 20% to match the rear window factory tint?

    20% to match the rear factory? I believe factory tint(which isn’t really a tint, but rather a tinted glass) is not very heat reflective so I may want to go over the rear as well.
  6. Craven Speed Stubby Antenna Swap

    I’m just wondering if anyone who already received their 6G Ranger has swapped the factory antenna for the Stubby yet? I haven’t received my truck yet but, want to order now so I will have it on arrival and want I make sure it fits. Any other options people are considering to shorten the antenna?