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  1. What sells you on the XLT compared to the Lariat

    I believe its part of the tech package
  2. DRL colors.

    Your Rottie is th star of the show 😍
  3. What features are on the world model but missing from the US model?

    I totally get what you are saying but i would have thought with the ranger being in a sticky situation, i.e the maverick below it and the F150 above, Ford should have made the Ranger a bit more appealing from the get go. The order figures quoted seem a bit lackluster but if they had offered the...
  4. What features are on the world model but missing from the US model?

    There’s no reason Ford didn’t offer the wildtrak trim here. Really disappointed
  5. Update: 2024 Ranger Job 1 Production Begins August 28

    I did, mine was moved to first week in October
  6. My latest order email from Ford.

    I got that too but a couple of weeks later got the scheduled email and VIN
  7. Anyone get scheduled that didn't pay over msrp for Ranger Raptor?

    Scheduled and paying under msrp
  8. 📬 Update: 7/20/23 Scheduling Emails Now Arriving!

    Got my email today as well. It seems like there’s a lot of XLT orders going in
  9. Sport vs FX4

    My thoughts exactly
  10. Why are you upgrading your truck?

    Well in my case, I don’t do heavy duty hauling like campers, boats etc but i do grab the occasional odd items from the hardware store. I had an F150 before downsizing to the Maverick and I don’t miss it at all but i think the ranger will be a happy medium for me having tried both sides of the...
  11. Why are you upgrading your truck?

    Coming from a 22 FE Maverick. Love it a lot but I need a little bit more space In suppose.