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  1. For Ford

    This post is for Ford seeing as how they monitor this forum. My Ranger Raptor had a blend date of 3/12/2024. It will be shipped convoy to Ohio, initially on Ford chat I was given a ETA for delivery of 4/6. Then it became 4/16 to 4/22, then it became 4/15 to 4/21. Now I was just told by Ford...
  2. Base Price Raised

    So they haven’t built nor delivered ONE retail order as of this writing & have raised the base price $105 dollars. WTF FoMoCo!!!
  3. Code Orange Ranger Raptor spotted in my town (West VA)!!

    I live in West Virginia, I’ve seen this truck once & my guys at work have seen it multiple times also. I’ve not been able to speak to the driver but it does have a West Virginia license plate. The only thing I can figure is maybe the owner is military & bought it overseas & shipped it here.
  4. How many Ranger Raptors were actually scheduled 7-13-23

    So how many on here actually got scheduled yesterday, at the most 10? Maybe?
  5. Price protection.

    Now that all RRaptor orders are being changed to retail from stock, are all our orders now price protected or do they have to be scheduled for production before that happens?
  6. Front rake & leveling.

    Who doesn’t like the front rake & will install a front leveling kit if possible?