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  1. The Con Job!

    Yea it looks stupid on the Tacoma and much better on the Ranger but I keep hearing people say on the Ranger it is too low and makes you look down and takes eyes off the road. also being rotated it makes the screen smaller. I have not sat in one yet though but I have seen a few say that now.
  2. Anyone else notice how odd the taillights are on the new Ranger meaning how only the top portion lights up.

    They are in 5G so I would bet they are in this gen for sure they are in the little dark section though.
  3. Anyone else notice how odd the taillights are on the new Ranger meaning how only the top portion lights up.

    Yea that is odd... I like 5G Tron tail lights allot. Actually think they are better than any aftermarket. I am not liking that at all it just looks weird.
  4. 2024 Ranger First Reviews Are Here! 👈🏽

    Honestly I trust very few reviews from Youtube influencers. Few of these guys are honest. I have seen some of these contracts these guys have to sign and the money some get paid for a video. Not in the truck segment but other hobbies I am in. These guys are flown out wined and dinned. Very few...
  5. 2024 Ranger First Reviews Are Here! 👈🏽

    While it might be true, it is kind of stupid. If your going to produce something you should want to dominate in all sectors you are in. So make a gimpy Ranger so you do not hurt F150 sales, so why even be in the midsized market at all. GM already beats Ford in sales. I mean the Silverado and...
  6. For Those Considering the Toyota Tacoma

    There won't be, GM is discontinuing it at some point.
  7. For Those Considering the Toyota Tacoma

    You made me look now.. Well Fords website says it does have leds. I know when they showed the Ranger at that event the XLT it was said not to have them in a few videos. Maybe it changed , maybe those people were told wrong info, or maybe wrong on Fords site. I would expect the website to be...
  8. For Those Considering the Toyota Tacoma

    I agree... It looks like a after thought and it seems to be a trend because this is not the only vehicle I saw like that. lets get the biggest screen and just slap it in. I do like the way the Ranger does theirs but putting the narrow direction across is also going to limit the size for like...
  9. For Those Considering the Toyota Tacoma

    When I priced them the Taco it was only slightly more like 150.00 with the options I wanted. The Taco came with led headlights and push start and I would pay more for those and feel they are worth more than that. Down side is there connected package is subscription but I wonder how long Fords...
  10. Is there some behind the scenes issue?

    Saw that too and my thought was why is Ford still have part constraints? Ford has been using that excuse way too long. Their execution is terrible and has been since the explorer new model was launched. Why can not Ford see Farley needs to go? He has botched every launch.
  11. Is there some behind the scenes issue?

    Take it with a grain of salt but one rumor is a flaw was discovered on the assembly line. Maybe a bad part and that is why they are sitting, waiting for a part. Probably just assumption someone made and them made the rounds.. Just weird so many are sitting and not being shipped. I thought...
  12. For Those Considering the Toyota Tacoma

    The issue is things are pretty set and most trucks probably wont do anything to catch up till mid cycle refresh. If you do something to soon it will tick off early adopters. To me the what is really disappointing is the tech on the XLT. No led headlights, No push start etc. I mean I buy what I...
  13. Ford Ranger Extended Warranty -$25 Over Cost @Granger Ford!- PAYPLAN ALSO AVAILABLE!!!

    I have never purchased from them but any Ford manufacturers warranty can be used at any dealer that does Ford warranty work. You can buy your vehicle from a Ford dealer and go to any other dealer and get a warranty. You can even buy one after owning it for a while. That said I believe a few...
  14. I bailed

    Who the hell cares what someone drives. It is their choice and their money. I have owned both Ranger and Colorado last gen and they were both great trucks. Why put someone down for it, does it make you feel better about how much you spent.
  15. 2024 Ranger Bedrugs

    I have one in my current Ranger but it is the full one that goes around the whole sides too and love them. I had one in my Colorado too.. So durable and easy to clean. Vacuum or hose out if need be. So easy on the knees and stuff does not slide around. I would never use anything else again.
  16. I bailed

    Ok I should have said North America again which is what I meant.. They never dropped it totally before just North America.
  17. I bailed

    Even if it is smaller it still will pull some people away from midsized market . Right now other than a Maverick the only game in town other than midsize.. Some may opt for another option. Yes I know Hyundai has a small truck too.. Maverick is hard to get still so some of those people maybe...
  18. I bailed

    https://www.autoevolution.com/news/all-new-subaru-baja-hybrid-looks-stylish-rugged-and-efficient-across-imagination-land-227026.html#agal_0 This looks interesting. 2025 I think the market is going to be crowded. Also rumored again Dodge and Toyota are going to have a small or midsized coming.
  19. I bailed

    That sounds high. I have not driven one yet or even stopped in but I have been talking with the local dealer. For a new 23 the Pro-4x with the upgraded pro 4x package with heated seats it was around 41,000 and 43,000 for a 24. I know people have got under 40,000 for a pro-4x. I have heard that...
  20. I bailed

    That may be the way I am leaning too. I want a 6 cyl. and I wanted to wait to see what Ford has but I bet it will be over priced and wont be available for a long time off the lot. I am not going to go through all the ordering garbage and not testing it first. How did the Nissan seats feel...