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  1. What did you DO TO your 6G Ranger today? 🧰 🛠️ ⚙️ 🧽

    Wished I had my Ranger to do something to 117 days in production Searching for a plan B
  2. Help, im dumb

    www.windowsticker.forddirect.com/windowsticker.pdf?vin=1FTER4LRXRLE20437 Here is your window sticker
  3. My 2024 Ranger Lariat FX4 is delivered! Shipping by convoy took 1 day!

    I have the same on order been in production since 2/01 115 days today still in parking lot purgatory. Actively watching surrounding inventory for a plan B.
  4. Order Tracker Status

    I am at 114 days in production 13 days after you and watching inventory 50 miles out for a plan B
  5. On Hold

    Mine has been in production 113 days and moved to shipping ramp 6+ weeks ago according to Ford Marketing. Last update 4/09. Been checking inventory daily for a plan B vehicle.
  6. I waited this long… to get this!?!

    This looks promising mine is still in parking lot purgatory Blend date 2/01 111 days in production.
  7. Ranger rebate

    I saw on this forum that a few who ordered in Dec 2023 got the rebate I ordered 11/24/23 and dealer told me they have my $1000. certificate. When I finally take delivery In production 110 days and counting. I would say it is for customers who ordered in 2023.
  8. LOSING MY MIND! 5/13 pushed to 5/20, then 5/27 and now 6/3.... If it moves again I may be out.

    Tell me 110 days in parking lot purgatory and counting. In production since 2/01
  9. For those of us who are still waiting

    Looks like it is on Ford's end mine is not working and this happened before Mine has been in production since 2/01
  10. B-Pillar Vinyl Wrap Removal on the Ford Ranger -- Are You Removing?

    The non-gloss is meh. Will remove and see what I think. Will most likely change to the gloss vinyl. When I finally get it. 109 days in production today. Dark colors it will not look bad and light colors not so much.
  11. For those of us who are still waiting

    This has happened to many Next it will show shipped. Wish I would show built. 108 days in production and counting.
  12. For those of us who are still waiting

    After a number of days not being used or moved the system in your truck goes to sleep to save the battery and you can not see anything. My 2019 F150 Platinum worked like that.
  13. CARBONIZED GRAY Ranger Club Thread. THE CGs

    Can not wait till my CG Lariat ships in production 107 days and counting.
  14. B-Pillar Vinyl Wrap Removal on the Ford Ranger -- Are You Removing?

    For those who would like the B-pillar in gloss black 6pcs Acrylic Gloss Black Pillar Post Overlay Trim Fit For Ford Ranger 2023-2024 | eBay
  15. New 2024 Ranger Lariat Sounds like a diesel

    Folks on the Bronco forum complain about the same 2.3 noise.
  16. New 2024 Ranger Lariat Sounds like a diesel

    Agree but I would understand paying more for say a Platinum trim Ranger with all the goodies. Or a tremor trim with goodies. Lariat should have offered Ventilated seat, sunroof as an option and left those who wanted those options the choice.
  17. 2024 Ranger Total Retail Unscheduled Orders (5/13/24)

    Wish there was a number of unshipped retail orders sitting in parking lot purgatory:question:
  18. New 2024 Ranger Lariat Sounds like a diesel

    I was just making a point that there was not always ventilated seats and coming from a 2019 F150 Platinum I totally agree at this price point there should be more but we know mid size trucks seem to be a step child so we can all go "can I have some more please".
  19. New 2024 Ranger Lariat Sounds like a diesel

    I do agree about the ventilated seats. And a sun roof and a trim above lariat.
  20. New 2024 Ranger Lariat Sounds like a diesel

    Can not be any worse than the 60's plastic seat coverings with no A/C due to being an option. Only A/C was 460 (4 windows down at 60 mph.:giggle: