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  1. Livernois working on a tune for Bronco Raptor

    There's hundreds of us over on the 5G forum that have Livernois tunes and not one has blown up. I know someone personally who runs his on the edge and now has over 100,000 miles on his Ranger and still going strong! Their customer service has been excellent both before and after the sale. As...
  2. 📬 Update: 7/20/23 Scheduling Emails Now Arriving!

    *****STOP with the personal attacks and political comments!****** This thread is about scheduling emails NOT politics or personal attacks. These are both against the forum rules and the next one will be the last one.
  3. Ford Pass Points??

    That goes towards your free health care. :shock: 😝
  4. Ford Pass Points??

    Actually it's 42,000 points which is worth $210.00. Each point is worth $0.005.
  5. Ranger keyless entry keypad question

    Yeah I never got one either after seeing all the problems most had/have with theirs. They are good when they work. lol I'm pretty sure you can do Siri short cuts. I use the Ford app sometimes but it's all dependent on a signal too.
  6. Ranger keyless entry keypad question

    I get it but these use a a button type battery (I can't remember which one exactly right now). While they can leak they're not as prone to leaking as a regular alkaline battery. I don't use one (pic is from a 5G member) but many on the forum do and have their placed there with zero issues. But...
  7. Ranger keyless entry keypad question

    You can stick it inside the fuel door.
  8. Looking like 10k over MSRP is going to be the standard for the Ranger Raptor at (most) dealerships

    But you keep telling everyone on here they're wrong for having THEIR opinion then say they're entitled to it. Sorry but they are a fool for paying $10K or more for anything that's a depreciating asset! I would bet 90% will never use the Raptor to it's full potential, heck even half its...
  9. Order a New Ranger at 3% Under Invoice

    No you only pay sales tax in the state you register it in. I just bought my Tremor up in WA and paid sales tax here in AZ.
  10. Ranger keyless entry keypad question

    You can add it later but then you have to pay the dealer to program it. From the factory it comes pre-programed. I never got one because most everyone that has one seems to have issues with theirs dying. I know not every area has a good cell signal but if you're in one that does I'd get a...
  11. 2024 Ranger / Ranger Raptor Order Guide

    This! There are several videos out showing people literally pealing the factory liners out by hand. I would go with Line-X to Mil Spec liners. Both are lifetime warrantied and they actually sand and de-gloss the bed the correct way. The other I mentioned above have a lifetime warranty and are...
  12. 2024 Ford Ranger Elephant In The Room

    The Tremor will be competition for the ZR2 so Ford better launch it soon or they'll lose sales to the Twins. While I'm glad the Raptor is here in the US I think they should've launched the Tremor before this. Anyone wanting a Raptor will most likely wait a little longer.
  13. 2024 Ford Ranger Elephant In The Room

    It'll more than likely come out later this year or next. Fords not going to release everything all at once so this way they can make a big deal about "Hey Look at this!" As far as buying a Tacoma... 😂 They'd better have done a complete 180 with them or it'll be junk just like the 3rd Gens!
  14. 2024 Ranger Raptor Arrives With 405HP @ $56,960 Starting Price! 🦖

    I'd love to Al. See if a certain someone (u-hem) would buy a certain something (🤔) I'd be that much closer to buying both.😜
  15. 2024 Ranger Raptor Arrives With 405HP @ $56,960 Starting Price! 🦖

    :crackup::crackup::crackup: I think I'd have better luck hitting the lottery than Ford doing this. They (Ford) said a few years ago they were going to crack down on dealers charging over MSRP and we see how well that's gone. :rolleyes...
  16. 2024 Ranger Raptor Arrives With 405HP @ $56,960 Starting Price! 🦖

    I hear ya I've never paid MSRP for any vehicle ever. Now with my new Tremor will be the first time and it's killing me even though insurance is coving all of it. It's the Polish in me. 😂
  17. 2024 Ranger Raptor Arrives With 405HP @ $56,960 Starting Price! 🦖

    There are a few still willing to sell at MSRP. Granted they're far and few but I have 2 (one here in AZ and one back in MA) that I'm on their list for one at MSRP. Of course anything can happen once it's time to order but at that point I'll tell them to pound sand because I don't need one I'd...
  18. 405hp Ranger Raptor is here [All Terrain Nation Review]

    It comes standard with a damper so I guess I'll have to buy one now! 😂
  19. 2024 Ranger Raptor Arrives With 405HP @ $56,960 Starting Price! 🦖

    If $56K is true this isn't a bad starting point. If it's anything like the Aussie RRaptor there isn't much for options because almost everything is standard. IIRC the only options were the graphics package and beadlock capable wheels. I'm picking up my new Tremor next Tuesday and this might be a...