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  1. Whats Included?

    They don't come with one. Many of us are buying felt or rubber mats and cutting to fit.
  2. Whats Included?

    A Raptor comes with both sets. I gave my carpet mats to someone who didn't get them on their xlt model.
  3. Raptor Seat belt covers installed

    They are on etsy and can be customized and they make them for many different vehicles.
  4. Raptor Seat belt covers installed

    Leather, custom seat belt covers installed front and rear. Letters and stitching in code orange.
  5. Sun Visor Stickers by Stickerfab

  6. Sun Visor Stickers by Stickerfab

  7. Ranger Raptor w/ Stealth Xpel PPF & Ceramic

    Amazon or etsy. https://www.etsy.com/listing/1634737833/raptor-emblem? Raptor Vehicle Emblem (Flat Black) https://a.co/d/grtFOWy
  8. Sun Visor Stickers by Stickerfab

  9. Bed extender?

    That is correct. And no to drilling.
  10. Does anyone else's Ranger do this?

    1200 miles and never happened so far. 🤞
  11. Ranger6G vs Bronco6G handling and steering comparison.

    Much prefer my Ranger Raptor to my first edition bronco. Don't miss the bronco at all now.
  12. Sun Visor Stickers by Stickerfab

    Love stickerfab products, but went with these instead.
  13. Bed extender?

    I went with the Ford oem bed extender. I've had it in my prior ford trucks, including my 2021 ranger tremor. It works great and makes the bed far more flexible in terms of use, adding length when needed, a compartment between the tailgate and the extender cage to keep things from sliding...
  14. Mods so far on my 2024 Ranger Raptor

  15. Mods so far on my 2024 Ranger Raptor

  16. Spray in liner pics pls

    Love Love it. Makes truck bed so much more useful. Can compartmentalize or haul longer things. Easy to remove when not needed, too. Works well and fits with my bakflip x4s tonneau cover too. Some tonneau covers have a framework within the bed that can get in the way of it flipping forward...
  17. Spray in liner pics pls

    I'd dump the drop in. They are worthless and let water etc underneath them. I'd get the spray-in, personally. But also depends upon whether or not your tonneau cover will always be closed. I use my bed too often for adropin liner. I have a roll back tonneau soi can easily use my bed. Best of...