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  1. What did you DO TO your 6G Ranger today? 🧰 🛠️ ⚙️ 🧽

    I'm surprised the bed cover fit. That's good to know.
  2. The Con Job!

    If you think Ford is bad, you should check out Mercedes. My wife's 2019 isn't even touch screen. And for navigation, you have to use the dial to enter numbers/letters one at a time. Voice command is useless, as it never understands what you say. Oh, and you can't just enter and address and...
  3. Integrated Box Step Question

    My thought exactly, as I have done this on my current Ranger when using the wheel, although I suspect it would be less likely with the box-step as you will have better leverage than using the wheel I go in and out of the back of my truck quite a bit because I use it hauling construction...
  4. If you're leaning Colorado, consider this.

    Completely agree. GM messed up with the interior colors on the ZR2 and AT4x IMO. That yellow stitching in the ZR2 is horrible. GMC tried to make the 4x interior flashy, but overdid it and it just looks tacky. I'll probably end up with a ZR2 simply due to availability. That, and price. I am...
  5. Ford website

    Well, if you like gray, Ford definitely has you covered there. I like the pastel gray also. Just wish they weren't so conservative in their color options.
  6. 2024 Ranger Raptor-Will it need a leveling Kit

    I agree and disagree. True the Ranger doesn't "Need" a leveling kit but the geometries were calculated for "various" rakes. Loaded, unloaded and everything in between. Not just the unloaded rake. So IMO adding a levelling kit is fine and doesn't hurt the geometries. Now, if you level it and...
  7. Ford website

    They actually have a better color selection than Ford. Personally, I'm majorly disappointed in the bland color selection for the Ranger. Ford is in love with grey right now.
  8. Dealer wants a $20K mark-up... Anyone else been hit with this???

    Not in BC, that's for sure. Still can't get a full size Raptor at MSRP. Corvette's, Shelby's, Raptor's, anything "special" has ADM
  9. Off-Road Tires: Wide vs Narrow Width -- a Scientific Comparison

    Good video. I'd always choose a pizza cutter if available, only because I need to use them on snowy roads. Wider tires float a LOT more.
  10. UAW kicks off talks with 'Detroit Three'

    SGT stabbed them and you just had to twist the knife, didn't you. :crackup:
  11. 2024 Ranger Raptor ADM Market Adjustment Price = CRAZY

    Completely on point. I thought I would NEVER say this, but the ADM on the RR (at $5k) actually could be a good deal. Personally, I hate it and will never (well.....never say never) pay ADM on any vehicle, but in the case of the RR, paying $5k ADM this year will probably be a good deal next...
  12. Build & Price up now on Ford.ca

    I priced out a similar Lariat and Raptor in both US & Canada. Canadian increase on the Lariat was almost 16%. The Raptor was almost 23%. Raptor with almost no options was $80k, all in. Ford does the same thing with the full size trucks. Raptor % increase is more than the other trucks. I'm...
  13. MSRP is a pipe dream…

    I did the same thing when the F150 Raptor was released. Over a decade later and prices still haven't settled down. I gave up on it years ago. I predict same thing will hold true for the RR. Ford will (always) intentionally build fewer than demand. The Raptor is specialty vehicle, built to...
  14. Why are you upgrading your truck?

    I downsized when I bought my 2019 Ranger. I admit I do miss the size of the bed, but I really only utilized it a couple times a year, so it wasn't worth keeping a full-size just for that. I downsized, because I need the function of a truck, but I wanted something easier to drive. I use to...
  15. When is Canadian order bank opening up.

    Chev/GM Canada B&P came about 6 months after the US, so I suspect we have a few more months before we know the Canadian pricing
  16. When is Canadian order bank opening up.

    Quebec often has different laws than the rest of Canada. In BC ADM is common. You still can't get a F150 Raptor at MSRP
  17. 2024 Ranger & Ranger Raptor Build & Price Configurator Is Live!

    Ford is definitely high on their pricing. Lariat FX4 configured how I want it is the same as a similarly configured ZR2. Even Fords accessories are more expensive. Ford wants $320 for a Pivot Storage Box where it's only $229 at GM. I can understand a bit of price discrepancy, but 40% higher...
  18. 2024 Ranger / Ranger Raptor Order Guide

    Agree that everyone has their own preferences. The "right" truck is always person-specific. "Offroad" is also person-specific, but my comparisons are based on how the RR is designed to be used off road. As a desert runner, I don't believe either of the twins could keep up. Now, a Bison on 35's...
  19. 2024 Ranger / Ranger Raptor Order Guide

    I completely agree. I was just comparing MSRP pricing......and did state earlier that I believe the twins will be selling for less than MSRP next year.
  20. If you're leaning Colorado, consider this.

    I agree, the milage isn't great, but that posting of 16mpg is a bit low. It's rated at 17mpg city & 19mpg highway for the ZR2. 19 & 23mpg for a WT Actually, forums will have an extremely lop-sided amount of complaints/issues compared to non-forum people, because people tend to seek out avenues...