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  1. Under seat Air Vent Extenders?

    Yea, there just isn't distribution. I'm a popsicle in the drivers seat, but it's still hot in the back.
  2. Under seat Air Vent Extenders?

    Yea. They just snap together and then you sort of lock them together with the faceplate. To take them off, you just remove the faceplate and then unsnap them. There is a bit of trick to lining them up and snapping them together to put them on, but it's easy once you figure it out. It took me...
  3. Under seat Air Vent Extenders?

    They fit absolutely perfect. Though, I am a little disappointed in the scarce amount of air that blows to the backseat given there are no middle vents. I don't know if these will help a lot, but I guarantee they will be better than what got back there to begin with. My Huskey-mixed pups will...
  4. Ranger Raptor w/ Stealth Xpel PPF & Ceramic

    Yea, they had to remove stickers & decals to put the PPF on. The front stripes, the "RANGER" letters on the back, and the "RAPTOR" decal on the side were all custom made with 3M 2080-CFS12 Black Carbon Fiber. I wanted sort of a matte carbon fiber look so that it wasn't shiny, but so that it...
  5. Under seat Air Vent Extenders?

    I'm glad you said that. I was thinking of just ordering and trying them. I think I'll do that. Thanks!
  6. Under seat Air Vent Extenders?

    Has anyone seen any under seat air vent extenders for the Ranger Raptor yet? Similar to what is out there for the Bronco...
  7. What's your custom personalized license plate?

    I'm pretty sure I just picked up "RAWRRR"
  8. Ranger Raptor w/ Stealth Xpel PPF & Ceramic

    I guess it is fairly noticeable on my truck if your looking for it, just because they didn't come down below the back window. I don't really care that much -- I didn't even think to look until you asked -- With that said -- I think if you made a point to request that the installer you go with...
  9. Ranger Raptor w/ Stealth Xpel PPF & Ceramic

    They only covered where they could reach. It would have been too expensive to pull the bed.
  10. Ranger Raptor w/ Stealth Xpel PPF & Ceramic

  11. Ranger Raptor drivers door has to be closed hard / slammed

    Ugh. I also purchased my RR elsewhere and Hudson Ford is my home dealer. I am really disappointed to hear that they turned into that. The only door that I have trouble with is my back driver's side, but I just open my driver's door first and then close the back. It's fine then. My hood does need...
  12. Mods so far on my 2024 Ranger Raptor

  13. Mods so far on my 2024 Ranger Raptor

    Hrm... I'll have to think about getting them. I like the look. In the meantime, i just received pics back from my PPF guy.
  14. Granger Extended Warranty Question

    I read somewhere that the LED headlamps were not included in the standard warranty and I guess with the new ones you can't just change a bulb. I guess the whole headlamp needs to be replaced when the LED light goes out. I guess it's something like $1500 to change it...
  15. Mods so far on my 2024 Ranger Raptor

    How do the trims fit on? Snap in? Glue in?
  16. POV first rip after Ranger Raptor break-in (Hang-on)

    What are the break-in period rules and low long is it?
  17. Good quality rear seat cover?

    I second this one. I just purchased it and I was amazed at the quality for the price. It feels super durable and I like that it's one whole piece with velcro slits for the seat belts. It also fit nice and snug without any bunching. I'm a big fan.
  18. Carbon fiber bits

    Is that a European site? Do they have a US option?
  19. J Brace for 2024 US Ranger

    Just refreshing this post now that the Rangers and Raptor Rangers are here. Does anyone have any new definitive answers for if these are still needed now that the trucks are in the US?