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  1. Australian New Ranger Reviews Are Out!

    G'day all, I'll be posting links to Australian media reviews of the new Ranger here in this thread. Keep an eye out as I collate them. CarExpert: CarExpert full range review CarExpert Ranger Sport V6 review CarsGuide: CarsGuide Ranger full model review Video Review (YouTube) Wheels...
  2. Long Wheelbase 2023 Ranger Spotted in Melbourne, Possibly US Market Prototype

    As per the CarExpert article linked, a long wheelbase Ranger prototype has been spotted in an IKEA carpark in Melbourne Australia, which happens to be next door to the Ford Australia National Sales Office. The prototype looks to be sporting the super cab's tub mounted to an extended wheelbase...
  3. Ranger's Wagon Sibling is coming! (ROW)

    Ford has this afternoon announced that the global premiere of the next generation Everest will occur on the 1st of March. The event will be broadcast online in a similar fashion to the recent Ranger global reveal. See the teaser video posted online:
  4. Ranger Raptor Reveal Confirmed (For ROW) -- February 22!

    The Ranger Raptor launch has been confirmed! The Global reveal will take place on February 22nd, at 1800 Australian Eastern Daylight Time, 0800 Central European Time and 0300 US Eastern Standard Time. Teaser images have been posted to global Ford media pages, and Ford Performance is also...
  5. All-New 2023 Ford Ranger (XL, XLS, XLT, Sport, Wildtrak) Global Reveal!

    https://www.ford.com.au/showroom/future-vehicle/next-gen-ranger?intcmp=bb-fau-hp-fau--return It's live on the Ford AU website! Full press release, photos and videos below. "The Next-Generation Ranger will be built at Ford’s manufacturing plants in Thailand and South Africa beginning in 2022...