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  1. Options to make the perfect next gen Ranger

    I think part of the reason is they don't want to risk cannibalizing their full-size sales. I'm a big fan of moonroofs. Had one on every new vehicle I've bought since my 1982 Escort GL, except for my '09 Mariner. I would get one installed on a Ranger, unless there is a structural problem...
  2. Options to make the perfect next gen Ranger

    I assume you meant 6' bed for the SuperCrew model; the SuperCab has a 6' bed. But I agree with the rest of your points, especially for the fold flat rear seat. The current setup is a cheap out, inexcusable device
  3. Next gen 2021 Ranger Leaked?

    The 2.7L is not destined for the 5G 2021 0or 2022 Ranger as of this posting, but likely available for the 6G for 2023. I stand by what I said in post #93. You can click on that post and be directed to the article.
  4. Next gen 2021 Ranger Leaked?

    The 5G (current) Ranger was designed and debuted in Australia, and produced globally except North America. When Ford made the decision to end vehicle production in Australia (GM & Toyota did as well), stamping and assembly tooling was shipped to the US, and adapted for left hand drive, US...
  5. Power Tubular Step Rails in USA

    I am not sure they will fit a US-spec Ranger. Although the trucks look virtually identical, there may be subtle differences in the frame to meet crash standards. I would check with the Australian mfr to see if they know if they'll fit.
  6. Next gen 2021 Ranger Leaked?

    Just so no one suffocates holding their breath, the 6G Ranger won't be out until fall 2022 as a 2023 model in North America, not 2021. "Expect the next-gen Ford Ranger to go on sale in Australia in late 2022 or early 2023, with a global release toward the end of the 2022 calendar year. To add to...
  7. Android Auto Going Wireless?

    I doubt that a current Sync or Sync3 system could be upgraded to the Sync4 platform. That system has capabilities, including wireless connectivity & charging, that have hardware upgrades as well to make that and cloud-based features operate. Sync4 will not be available on the 2021, according to...
  8. Options to make the perfect next gen Ranger

    "Guard" is coming back on the 2021 F-150. It was a 2016-17 Explorer option and I think Superduty. the 2021 Ranger Configurator should be up on or after September 14th; the day the order guides hit the dealers. Hope Guard and/or Cactus Grey (Bronco & Bronco Sport) will be available on the...
  9. 2021 Ranger Ordering and Job 1 Dates

    Order books are set to open September 14th and Job 1 on December 7th. The 2021, and likely the 2022 Ranger look like they will soldier on with minor tweaks and option shuffling. The next all new (or mostly new Ranger; "massaged" T6 platform) is set for a global launch toward the end of 2022 as...
  10. Options to make the perfect next gen Ranger

    Enhanced facial recognition software for the backup camera system. When it recognizes you coming toward the back of the truck carrying an object(s) with two hands, it automatically unlocks the tailgate and retracts the retractible cover and lowers the tailgate, assisted by the standard damper...
  11. Options to make the perfect next gen Ranger

    Re: power fuel door lock- maybe for the Ultra Plutonium Plus package, have it keyed to the chip in your credit/debit card so that when you insert the card into the pump, the fuel door magically pops open.
  12. Options to make the perfect next gen Ranger

    lotta dead ladders and mattresses here, too.
  13. Options to make the perfect next gen Ranger

    Standard heated mirrors & rear defroster, with or without sliding rear window; all trim levels Power pivot-out rear side windows option in SuperCab ( my '00 Windstar had these- quiet, non-drafty ventilation) Heated seats without having to order $2500+ stuff I don't want or need. Fold flat rear...
  14. Options to make the perfect next gen Ranger

    To paraphrase an old joke- " I just got a new Ranger for my wife! Pretty good trade, huh?"
  15. Next Gen Ranger Raptor Bound For US May Have 2.7L V6 EcoBoost Engine

    Ford Authority is reporting that the next generation Ranger will not be out until late 2022 as a 2023 model, and that it will ride on a "massaged" T6 frame. Scroll down to the last paragraph of the blog.
  16. New Info on 6th Gen 2023 Ranger Engines, Hybrid, Raptor, Release Timing (CarExpert)

    It sounds like we may get a version of the 3.0L Diesel from the F-150. Hard to tell if the '22 is just facelifted or if will be new from the tread up; looks like a warmed over 5G in the rendering. Whaddup with Ford styling lately? the 6G Ranger looks like a Silverado and the '21 F-150 looks like...
  17. Will We Get our First V8

    Been saying it for years- update the 3.9L from the TBird & Lincoln LS.
  18. No, Not Again!

    I am always confused by the weather forecasts there that talk about lake effect snow warnings- I thought it was called Lake Michigan ?