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  1. Next Gen Ranger Raptor Bound For US May Have 2.7L V6 EcoBoost Engine

    I am a (very) satisfied owner of the 2019 Ranger Lariat, and as a rule I do not trade in my vehicles until they are paid for, five years old, and have 100,000+ miles on them, but a 2.7-litre EcoBoost turbocharged V6 engine, with the latest generation of Fox Racing shocks with live valve...
  2. New vs Old, Then and Now

    After spending most of my life in under-powered (but cheap) vehicles by Volkswagen (multiple minibuses) and Honda (Civic Wagon, CR-V, Element), I got my first Ford vehicle (a new Explorer Limited) in 2014. We loved the Explorer but, when the time came for a change, we decided to upgrade to...
  3. LIGHTNING BLUE Ranger Club Thread

    Guys, following the advice of my friend from the Great State of Arizona, I blasted my FX4 decals with a hairdryer and peeled them off--loving the new, cleaner look. Here is a quick shot taken after hiking in Delaware State Park earlier today. The orange blob on the window is the Park's entrance...
  4. LIGHTNING BLUE Ranger Club Thread

    Looking at these beautiful pictures, my first impression was that my truck had slipped off for a vacation in the Wichita Mountains without telling me....
  5. LIGHTNING BLUE Ranger Club Thread

    Sure thing, just waiting for a sunny day....
  6. LIGHTNING BLUE Ranger Club Thread

    Hey, Dave, thanks for this good advice! I went right down to the bathroom, grabbed a hairdryer, and then headed out to the garage to do the job. They came right off, as you said, and I really like the new, cleaner look!
  7. LIGHTNING BLUE Ranger Club Thread

    Steve, did you take the decals off? What did you use? How did it go? I am thinking of going "decal-free" and putting the white tire lettering on the inside as well. It is just a personal preference, but I do not want my truck to be too much "bling"!
  8. My Nerdy Stormtrooper Ranger (WIP)

    Totally nerdy and way cool, man!
  9. Options to make the perfect next gen Ranger

    I was referring to the Ram multi-function tailgate, which opens horizontally in barn door fashion, with a 60/40 split. Admittedly, the Ram is a full-sized truck, and so we are comparing apples and oranges....
  10. Options to make the perfect next gen Ranger

    Love my 2019 Ranger Lariat 4XF, but the next generation should have fully powered seat adjustment; heated steering wheel; power sliding rear window; fully folding seats in rear cab and/or option for factory to remove them entirely; tailgate dampened with option for opening it down or across...
  11. Would any of you buy a hybrid Bronco?

    For me, it really depends on the total package. If they are putting something like the drive system in the Lincoln Aviator together, then the hybrid would really be adding something in terms of HP and torque. But I am also interested in knowing whether the Bronco will have a lot of "Jeep-like"...
  12. Whoa...Bronco R

    It really depends on what kind of truck really shows up in 2020, which is hard to say from the racing videos they are releasing now. A 2.7 boosted SIX would be really interesting, depending on what the whole package looks like....
  13. Whoa...Bronco R

    She's right, one of the older Broncos really does look like the Jeep Gladiator, that is, an SUV with a truck bed tacked on. The Jeep people would never admit it, but it may be that the Bronco "inspired" their thinking on the Gladiator.
  14. Whoa...Bronco R

    Guys, this just up today, including the promise of a new Bronco in SPRING 2020: https://www.ford.com/suvs/bronco/?gnav=header-all-vehicles
  15. Whoa...Bronco R

    Yeah, the big questions is, how much of the Bronco R will actually show up in the stock models come 2021?
  16. Ford NA President: Bronco Will Be True To Its Roots, "Not Wimpy"

    I just looked at the Ford homepage under "Future Vehicles," and this is what I found: The other vehicles under the category are showing for 2020, but the Bronco has no year indicated! For my part, having just bought a 2019 Ranger FX4, it would not break my heart if the Bronco really does come...
  17. Next Gen Ranger: Ford Applies For Pickup Removable Roof Patent

    Why do we have to follow Jeep and have everything (doors, windows, mirrors, roofs) removable? What a terrible idea! I would not even buy a truck with a sun or moon roof, much less a removable one!
  18. Re: Removable Tops, ya' know, when you think about it....

    Ford should make the Bronco with the option to have a permanent hard top or a removable one. Some folks like to take the top off, which I understand, but I view removable tops (and sun/moon roofs) as useless and bothersome as potential sources of leakage, noise, loss of rigidity, etc. A...
  19. Ford Authority: Next-Gen Ranger Rumored To Get Twin-Turbo V6 Engine

    While it cannot be said that our current 2.3 lacks power, whether defined as HP or torque, and in Sport (or "Superman" mode, as I call it), it really rocks on the freeway, I would definitely trade my 2019 for a next-generation Ranger (or Ranger Raptor) that packs a 2.7, 3.3, or 3.5, just because...
  20. Black Appearance Package ("Black Pack") Thread

    So the B.A.P. will live on after all! On the bright side, that means that we can look for a new B.A.P. in another generation of Rangers!