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  1. How do you wash yours?

    For at least 20 seconds making sure I lather the backs of my hands and between my fingers. Oh, my truck? I use water and car wash soap along with a telescoping wash brush. :p
  2. I think my Ranger looks just right.

    Looking gooooooood! Uncle Sam nabbed me pretty good this year, so I'm holding out til later in the summer for some more goodies. Never say "done"!
  3. Dash cam thread? Dash cam thread.

    When you are looking down texting and look up to suddenly see the rear end of a Tesla where you did not expect it to be and rapidly coming closer you tend to do stupid things, like drive into oncoming traffic.
  4. Spring is here

    March 1st was the official beginning of Meteorological Spring!
  5. Dash cam thread? Dash cam thread.

    Ha! I saw that in Reddit before here. I’ve got a cheap Black Box G1W that I’ve had for many years. Already saved me thousands. Here’s one from when I owned my Focus a few years ago. Inches from a head-on collision. Only tore my side mirror off and scuffed up the side of my car. Person...
  6. Options to make the perfect next gen Ranger

    @RANGER PRIDE is the official tailgate dampener mafia! :LOL:
  7. TFL Ranger

    Love TFL and saw your video the other night. Was nice to see a fellow forum member on the big (small) screen! PS: I'm averaging almost 21mpg. I generally drive around 65mph with cruise control on the morning commute and stop and go on the way home. (50+miles round trip) :sunglasses:
  8. APG Ranger ProRunner

    That is awesome and a great price for all of that. I need to sell something. Does the $15k include painting?
  9. My Nerdy Stormtrooper Ranger (WIP)

    Awesome! You should hook up with Boba Vette for a photoshoot!
  10. I guess I'll get this started...

    Definitely go through Flood. I've done that with all my Fords. My regular dealer looked at their prices and practically shed a tear.
  11. RCMUSTANG's Magnetic FX4

    Woot! I know what I’m doing tomorrow! Glad you guys got 3.4 working!
  12. 2019 Ford Ranger - SEMA-ish

    I think I found my new wallpaper.
  13. Options to make the perfect next gen Ranger

    Getting old sucks. Had a cortisone shot in my elbow this morning. That HURT.
  14. Wannabe Ranger Raptor

    Looking good!
  15. Options to make the perfect next gen Ranger

    I honestly can’t think of much anything that is a “must have” for me. I’m super happy with what I have and I know the things I would want are already on the current Ranger...I just didn’t get those options. Now some things that would make it more competitive (not necessarily things I want)...
  16. California WTS 18 inch Lariat wheels

    Good price! Someone should grab this!
  17. Ford Performance 4WD Leveling Suspension Kit

    I am in CT but don’t mind traveling to Levittown. How much is installation at your dealership?
  18. Central Jersey checking in

    Some other tri-staters might be interested in going up as well if you'll have us!
  19. Odometer shots

    Hit 11,000 today.