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  1. Mr. Blue Sky - FLEngineer

    Mr. Blue Sky - FLEngineer

  2. RCMUSTANG's Magnetic FX4

    Exhaust looks great; jealous of you California guys with all the after market shops.
  3. LIGHTNING BLUE Ranger Club Thread

    Hmm, I wonder if it stops in JAX or Orlando to get to Daytona? I'd guess JAX then I-95 SB?
  4. LIGHTNING BLUE Ranger Club Thread

    I agree; it's now my background while I await my order. Did you go with a ceramic by chance? If so did you do it yourself?
  5. 2019 Ranger's Hauling Things Thread

    What I'm seeing here is the relatively deep bed makes for a usefully long tailgate!
  6. LIGHTNING BLUE Ranger Club Thread

    FWIW I went with the Sport Package with the standard (17") magnetic rims because I liked them better than the optional 18" rims.
  7. Next gen 2021 Ranger Leaked?

    Saw this in my feed this morning... Looks like a Chinese knockoff to me and considering the lack of sourced info I'd take it with a heavy dose of NaCl.
  8. HOT PEPPER RED Ranger Club Thread

    Funny you mentioned "Orange"; take a look at the updated build and price site.
  9. Lariat Photos/videos with Headlights on

    From the scale and little detail you can make out they look more like full size, possibly GMC.
  10. HOT PEPPER RED Ranger Club Thread

    The one I saw (posted above) looked more red than orange but it was a rare overcast day here in Central Florida. So I think the orange may pop under direct light and sunlight.
  11. Ranger Raptor Coming to the USA for 2022!!!

    As with all predictions 3 years out, giant helping of salt not included but recommended :).
  12. Ranger Raptor Coming to the USA for 2022!!!

    https://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/future-cars/a25843035/ford-ranger-raptor-usa/ Ranger Raptor coming to US for 2022 per Ford.