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  1. The Weekend Warrior

    Glad you guys answered for me cause I don’t do any of the mods myself. I had everything done at the dealership. Doesn’t guaranty everything will pass under warranty if something goes wrong but at least it eliminates the usual cop out of having had the truck “modified” by a third party.
  2. The Weekend Warrior

    Older pic but wanted to say I am quite pleased with having a “roof-rack” mounted on my tonneau cover. Perfect for bike racks!
  3. The Weekend Warrior

    Sorry! Haven’t posted in a while. Was busy with my “other” project: turning a beat up S2000 into a track monster! so here are a few pics of some light “snow-wheeling”. Was alone so didn’t do anything crazy.
  4. The Weekend Warrior

    No jumps for me! My off-roading consist mainly of slow technical trails left behind by logging equipment and such.
  5. The Weekend Warrior

    that’s because you’re probably not a Taco owner!! If you were you’d know all about it! lol
  6. The Weekend Warrior

    no worries happy to help where I can. I Milli Vanilli the mods. Meaning I pretend to do it while somebody more talented than me actually does the work!! In this case it’s the dealership that sold me the truck, so cant answer your install questions, Sorry! I have the Stage 2 Icon lift that...
  7. The Weekend Warrior

    doesn’t feel sluggish at all for normal driving so far. In 2 weeks when I get my trailer and start hauling my track car around I’ll let you know how it feels. Hoping that I won’t need a tune. I already have enough mods added on that can go wrong! Haha
  8. The Weekend Warrior

    cant say I have since I only test drove the truck briefly in February before giving it back to the dealer to start the mods. I really dont remember how it drove prior to having big tires on. Sorry!
  9. The Weekend Warrior

    Nothing yet, sorry man!
  10. The Weekend Warrior

    I’m thinking 285 should only require some minor trimming inside the fender well. 295 is much taller and was a pain: removing plastic backing behind the “felt-like” liner, cutting part of the bottom of the Bushwackers, cutting and bending part of the metal where the fender meets the rocker. But...
  11. The Weekend Warrior

    I placed a request to the parts guy at the dealership to get his EBay supplier and will get back to you as soon as I have it. And maybe my parts guy fed me the wrong info about the number of bolts, wouldn’t be the first time! I wasn’t present during the install.
  12. The Weekend Warrior

    Remember that the Retrax/Ford isn’t the only cover compatible with both Yakima and Thule rail system racks. The Pace-Edwards Ultragroove is among them. Shop around I’m sure you’ll find something you like and you have resources like this Forum to guide you. Us « early adopters » made the mistakes...
  13. The Weekend Warrior

    Thanks for the compliment! I found the inspiration from a pic I found on the Ol’ Google machine: I then gave it to the dealer and they had their supplier come up with a design based on that. As for the tonneau I’m kinda disappointed not in the quality but rather it’s operation. I first...
  14. The Weekend Warrior

    There are 2 rivet holes that hold the drip rails in place, one at the front and one at the rear. The Wildtrack bars use those holes as mounting points. I thought it would be a more « rugged » mount with multiple screws but thats all there is to it! It definitely isn’t the same as installing the...
  15. The Weekend Warrior

    Looks really sharp man! Thanks for the info on the plastic block thing. Will be doing that for sure ... but unfortunately for me the felt liner as already been ruined. I will also be trimming part of the rocker/fender junction inside the fender cause it sticks out almost like a knife. In a more...
  16. The Weekend Warrior

    But for off-roading I think I’ll need to start “grinding” away at that plastic thingy on the inner fender. Under moderate flex and at full lock it’s cutting it a little too close for comfort!
  17. The Weekend Warrior

    Pics of the cutting required to make it “streetable”. Needed to trim both inner fender and part of bottom edge of bushwackers (from inside the fenders).
  18. The Weekend Warrior

    Congrats on your Ranger! And I agree the black/grey is great on our color. Stands out in a sea of plain black wheels! Yes both front and rear crash bars have been cut. You can see pics of this in my earlier postings. I don’t believe you can fit more than a 265 if you leave them on. As far as...
  19. The Weekend Warrior

    Thanks! Pretty happy ... except getting some significant rub on inner-fender. Will need a lot of trimming.