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  1. The Alpha Ranger — pic heavy.

    I bought my wife the 7D mark I many years back as a Christmas present. She loves it. Great camera. The truck looks great. Any plans to do anything else to it? Lights, bumper, etc.
  2. Next gen 2021 Ranger Leaked?

    I saw this same article on Motortrend this morning. I know it seems early, but as stated before, the Ranger as it's current platform sits is nearly 9 years old so it's about time for the next Gen to be making an appearance.
  3. OXFORD WHITE Ranger Club Thread

    Just drove this XLT FX4 today at Bozard Ford in St Augustine.
  4. OXFORD WHITE Ranger Club Thread

    How much do you think you could get for selling the wheels? Enough to justify pulling the trigger now?
  5. Interior Pictures

    That's cool. My Fiesta has the ambient light switch too but it is a physical button on the dash so it is easy to switch the color as desired. It's nice to change it periodically according to mood.
  6. Lariat Interior Photos with Ebony Black Leather

    I walked into a Hyundai dealership in Daytona Beach looking at the Elantra Sport and they put a $5k markup on every car on the lot, even the Accents had a $5k "limited availability" markup. I definitely told them where they could stick it. I never realized a Hyundai Accent was such a limited...
  7. SABER Ranger Club Thread

    I like that Lead Foot color that the new F150 comes in. It would look sharp on the Ranger. I like how Chrysler has so many unusual colors. I've seen the Ram in lime green, flat orange, black with gold flakes, metallic brown, etc.
  8. What color did you order ?

    My grandparents live in Mason City. I used to live in Red Oak, near Council Bluffs. I also went to college right out of the Army in Waverly on the other side of the state. I was born in Dubuque. I've been in Florida since 92, though.
  9. What color did you order ?

    I saw a review that had the black with the sports package. It looked really good. It's making me rethink getting lightning blue.
  10. OXFORD WHITE Ranger Club Thread

    The white looks good with the color matched bumpers. If they would give you the option to remove the chrome grill and chrome fender vents, I would nix the sports package as well.
  11. Photos of Rangers Around the World

    I wonder if she is available as a dealer installed accessory.
  12. MAGNETIC Ranger Club Thread

    All the reviews I've seen have pretty much read like the Ranger is the true second coming of Jesus in the midsized segment and every review has made me excited for it. I don't see anything shown in any review that leads to disappointment or Ford not intending this truck to be the sales leader.
  13. Birthplace of the RANGER

    That makes sense. The GMs are far more likely to break down than the Ford. It wouldn't make sense to make them park further and risk being late when they inevitably have to walk to work.
  14. MAGNETIC Ranger Club Thread

    I've noticed that too but figured I must have been mistaken. They really do look darker.
  15. Birthplace of the RANGER

    I'd hate to be the guy to roll into the lot in a Chevy. I'd imagine that's be worse than even a Hyundai in a Ford lot.
  16. Interior Pictures

    They are most likely NSA listening devices. Just don't talk bad about Ford or 'Murica and you'll be all right..
  17. Birthplace of the RANGER

    I especially liked the "Absolutely no foreign vehicles allowed!" sign.
  18. LIGHTNING BLUE Ranger Club Thread

    Damn that's awesome. Not quite Raptor level awesome, but not bad.
  19. Interior Pictures

    The Ranger has ambiant lighting? That's awesome. My Fiesta has the lights around the cup holders, floors, doors, back seat and door handles and you can change the color. That'd be slick if you can do that in the Ranger as well.