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  1. Next gen 2021 Ranger Leaked?

    TFL said the bronco is built on the Escape platform
  2. How do you wash yours?

    30 bucks a month... unlimited drive thru. <Mic drop>
  3. Gas prices?

    $1.97 south Florida
  4. No, Not Again!

    Approximately what did that setup run you? Lift, wheels and tires. I'll need to start saving.
  5. No, Not Again!

    Thanks Dr. Z. Not quite ready to do that get but I'm watching.
  6. No, Not Again!

    Damn bro! My truck would look SOOOOO good with that setup!
  7. No, Not Again!

    I pay a flat monthly fee for unlimited car washes. ~$30.00. I run it thru at least twice a week. They Armorall the tires. Usually give em $2.00 tip each time. My truck is only dirty when I come back from camping... But I go straight to the car wash before going home. I really don't have...
  8. WHITE PLATINUM Ranger Club Thread

    Beautiful truck. Mine is identical except: A.R.E. cap with roof racks I already have the two swing cases installed My bedrug is the carpet style. NO black appearance package (wish I had it)
  9. Getting closer...

    Thanks. They were a PITA to put in but it absolutely looks great
  10. Getting closer...

    That's the plan. I've always waited too long on my previous trucks.
  11. Getting closer...

    That's it. I'm out of $. For now, I'm done. Topper added today. Works with my key fob. Also added today, bed rug and two swing cases. Adding these upgrades dropped the back 1/2". Once I filled the swing cases and added my tools, total drop was 3/4". Actually rides nicer with the added...
  12. Almost done for now

    I loved the ridge Grapplers on and off road. Agreed that they were much quieter on the road then the Terra Grapplers. I ran them for around 55,000 miles with no problems. Additionally, I loved the two sides of the side walls. I always kept the aggressive side out. Got compliments all the...
  13. Almost done for now

    Look at the Nitto Ridge Grapplers. I had those on my F150 and they were amazing on and off road. Truck is looking good!
  14. 2019 Ranger's Hauling Things Thread

    I wonder if the front tires will come off the ground. Lol
  15. South Florida

    Tamarac here.
  16. Oil Catch Can. Yes or No?

    ^^^This ^^^ Please...no disrespect intended but Im not sure why owners think its a good idea to redesign vehicles and other recomendations engineers make. There are years of design and testing that goes into these things. Catch can: if it needed it, Ford would have designed it in. I would...
  17. The Alpha Ranger — pic heavy.

    Really beautiful truck. Great job with the combination of lift and tires/wheels. What kind of hit did you take regarding mpg and power/pep? I've done the same with my F150 years ago and it took a huge hit "BUT" it's ok, cause it looks terrific and I understand you have to "pay to play". The...
  18. Ford Testing the new Bronco drivetrain?

    :puke: That better not be the Bronco.