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  1. 2022 Nissan FRONTIER

    I like it. It’s gonna sell well I think. Sounds like it has some very cool tech to go with it too. This was long overdue. I’m waiting for the Ranger Raptor or the Bronco Warthog pick up.
  2. First look of 6th Gen interior...

    No paddle shifters?!
  3. Ranger Raptor Coming to the USA for 2022!!!

    I will. And I use my motorcycles the same way. My 170HP adventure bike blasts fireroads at over 200km/hr. I jump it, climb it and cross rivers on it. (Unlike most that drive to Starbucks and stare at each other‘s bikes. Lol). I want a Ranger Raptor because I will use it as intended. 🤘🏼
  4. 2023 Ranger Raptor Coil Spring Rear Suspension Revealed

    Aren’t the GeneralGrabber ATX’s coming on these trucks? I’m running them on my Pro4X I bought while I’m waiting for the Raptor to come to Canada after my F150 was decidedly too big for the mtn bike and surf spot trails we need to get to. I prefer the Grabbers to the KO2’s.