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  1. 2023 Ranger Tremor Spied Testing

    Maybe the current Ranger's being farther away is throwing off my perspective, but the bed on the new one looks a bit longer. Diggin' it.
  2. Will We Get our First V8

    Doubtful. With the 2.3EB at 270/310 and the possibility of getting the 2.7EB from the Bronco (not to mention a probable hybrid in the works), there's plenty of power on tap with better mileage than a V8 can muster. (thanks, CAFE :( ) I don't see Ford offering one again, unfortunately. The...
  3. Manual Transmission?

    I hope they offer it. It doesn't even have to be the 7-speed with the crawler gear. Just a 6-speed would suffice for me. The manufacturer already has a version of it in the same/similar housing, maybe at a slightly reduced cost.
  4. First 2023 Ranger prototype spotted!! [UPDATED with more close-up photos]

    A lot of folks have said that at Ranger5g. The solution, apparently, is the Fox 2.0 shocks. Huge difference. Maybe they'll be an option, though with a change of chassis maybe the ride will just naturally be better. I have a feeling, though, that the truck you were driving had overinflated...
  5. First 2023 Ranger prototype spotted!! [UPDATED with more close-up photos]

    While nearly everyone is drooling over the new Bronco, I'm lusting after this thing. I hope the manual from the Bronco is available, even if it's just with the 2.3EB. Hell, Ford will probably deliver one of these before anyone gets a Bronco.
  6. Next gen 2021 Ranger Leaked?

    The first link I posted has "getrag-ford" in it, so there's hope!
  7. Next gen 2021 Ranger Leaked?

    I'll be ecstatic. :)
  8. Next gen 2021 Ranger Leaked?

    https://getrag-ford.com/files/theme/downloads/6MTI550_Storyboard_20191010_wo_contact.pdf https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/mti550-7-speed-manual-transmission-with-low-crawler-gear-revealed-in-document.1114/ It sure would be nice if that sucker would be available in our Rangers. If it'll...
  9. Next gen 2021 Ranger Leaked?

    I'm hoping some of the tech I see in the "leaked" Bronco photos comes to the Ranger. I'm digging the coil-sprung rear-end and the locking center diff.