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ford ranger wildtrak

  1. Ford Ranger 2023+ Predator Nighthawk Grille with LEDs

    Don't settle for ordinary - Experience the power of true customisation! Introducing the Predator Night Hawk LED Grille for the 2023 Ford Ranger 😍 Exclusive to 4x4AT. More information on the grille 👉 https://bit.ly/predator-night-hawk-grille
  2. First Build / Body Kit for the 6th Gen Ford Ranger

    Our first Predator build for the new next-gen Ford Ranger Wildtrak here in North Yorkshire, UK. ✓ Lazer Lamps T24 Light Bar ✓ Predator Front Spoiler Bar ✓ Extreme Wheel Arch Extensions ✓ 20" Predator Iconic Alloys ✓ 275/55 R20 Renegade R/T+ Mud Tyres ✓ Dark Smoke Bonnet Protector ✓ Dark Smoke...