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More 2025 Fisker Alaska EV specs: 340 miles range, 3.9s 0-60 mph, 208.8 inch length


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Feb 7, 2023
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New Mexico
For a smaller truck the acceleration is a bit slower than I expected. Was really hoping the lower end battery would push 300miles but I guess we just aren't there yet where more "affordable" electric cars with that range exist yet.

I am all for more competition but aspects of this seem gimmicky. The tablet thing seems unsafe and unnecessary. world largest cup holder just makes me think of the Canunarrow from the Simpsons and is quinticentially an American cliche.

Center display looks nice and with some real buttons and is unique. Styling interior reminds me of stuff my grandfather would have and I think if exterior styling and price were dropped a bit they might have pulled in some older drivers with it. I am NOT a fan of the gauge cluster being like that. I absolutely hate making that a tac on crappy iPad. wish they'd just integrated it. I am not sure why the styling right now is non integration. I get companies are trying out new things but I think it looks dumb and I feel im usually pretty open to newer design changes than others here.

Front end is unique, I don't like it for me personally but it's unique and cool. I like the back window. shit ton of visibility there.

Other than the gauge cluster the only thing I will say I absolutely hate are the tires.

All in all im glad more electric trucks are hitting the market. I am looking forward to seeing where this goes