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Ceramic Paint Sealer

2020 FRL

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Jan 16, 2021
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Grand Junction, Co.
2020 Ford Ranger Lariat
Okay ... before I begin, I have no affiliation with any company selling ceramic paint sealer. I also am not the guy that spends hours every week cleaning his rides. I have a black 2014 Tri Glide, and being in Colorado, the thing attracts bugs like a magnet. So, I did the sealer on the Tri and was WOW'd by the results. I was so impressed that I decided to do my 2014 Tacoma work truck. The Tacoma is now gone and I have a 2020 Ranger Lariat in white. I will be doing the McKeys 37 ceramic paint sealer as soon as it gets a tad warmer here. The benefit is in far less work to keep it clean.

The Tacoma was a black work truck, base model and had those plastic fender flares and bumpers. Needless to say, it looked like garbage. Doing the ceramic sealer was really easy, although time consuming due to the area compared to the Harley. The results where awesome. I had the truck for about a year and a half after that and water still beaded while washing.

Here's a pic that I took while doing the tail gate. I had done one side and took the pic to show before and after. And a couple pics of the rear fender before and after.

Rear Split.jpeg

Left Before (1).jpeg

Left After (1).jpeg